Wich market for the options

Discussion in 'Options' started by ondatre, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. ondatre


    I'm an Italian day trader i would like to start to watch and study the options on the nasdaq and dj's stocks.
    Pls can you tell me under what market are them? (cme;Cbot;ecc)

    thank you very much

    pls feel free to contact me for any informations about italian/european market!!

  2. MTE


    Options on US stocks are currently listed on 6 options exchanges - CBOE, ISE, BOX, PHLX, AMEX, PSE. The options are not tied to a single specific exhange (with some exceptions for index options) so it doesn't really matter where you make the trade, in other words, you trade where the best price is.

    Also have a look at The Options Clearing Corporation

    CME and CBOT are futures exchanges, which list options on futures not on individual stocks.
  3. ondatre


    thank you very much !!
  4. Hello Italian day trader!
    Are you trading Italian stocks or Eurex/DAX futures? we hear comissions are high compared to US stocks or futures!
    If you want to trade options on us stocks or indices,IB at UK will be the ideal place to start!
    Enlighten us with your Italian trading experience.
    Most of us here wont touch any thing which is not traded in US except DAX like futures.