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Is Wi-Max worth investing in?

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  1. Supposedly this is the next big thing. I'm not a broker and know nothing of this so I need to know if this is a wise investment to make or not...
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    What are the companies that are putting forth the effort of wi max.
  3. what is kimble.org ?

    you have a link to it mr Sequence Elite ?

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    ALVR i think has always been a big wimax play...I am long some Jan 08 7.5. If it catches on the stock will double, but I don't think it will...Interesting gamble, though.
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    ALVR looks like a well positioned leader and speakeasy and clear wire should be kept a close eye on to see how their Wimax roll outs go (both privately held).
  7. I just started looking into this as well. I like to look at industry associations and alliances. They usually have a good list of private and public companies. I'm also in on ALVR because they provide the broadband wireless access systems. It seems like most places looking into wireless are offering it for free so not sure where else there is to make money in this area.

    Also not sure how long it will take Wi-Fi info to spread to the masses the way internet companies did but if I'm just now getting the technology, the masses can't be far behind....LOL.

    Here are a couple of good lists: