Wi-fi Trading In Public Areas ???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by larrybf, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Anyone have experience using 802.11b/g networks for wifi trading in public places??? hotels?? starbucks??? borders???...any feedback ... good or bad would be appreciated...thanks
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  3. Read up on them. People with another laptop sitting in the same hotspot can sniff out your data because it is an open network. Unlikely, but if you're in the business district of a downtown core, enjoying your Starbucks latte, I wouldn't be surprised that your account data being intercepted and one day your acct being cleared out by "you"....You being the fraudulent person who is impersonating you with all your access codes.
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    I just bought a wireless adapter for my laptop. I've only had a chance to trade once but it appears it won't present any problems, other than maybe that security issue with being on an open network which I'm glad someone mentioned.
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  6. If you want to trade at Starbucks, then the speed is more than sufficient. I tried it (didn't trade though) and it was faster than my home DSL.

    However, don't plan on leaving your seat inside. The range is very limited.

    The cost is $30 per month. AT&T has "high bandwidth" unlimited wireless data access for $70. If you need the speed and want to go wireless, this is your best bet. If dial-up is good enough (and it is if you're not daytrading stocks), try a $30 per month data subscription from T-mobile.

    Until more wi-fi hotspots become available, they're going to be good for little more than internet surfing.
  7. It was a dream of mine before TMobile hooked up with Starbucks. This note is being written on a laptop plugged into my cigarette lighter as I am parked in front of a Starbucks. For trading you probably want to be inside, or close enough that no cars or trucks can go between you and the store. Traffic is a probem. Even so, occasionally connection can be a problem even if you are right in the store. I may experiment later with range extending antennas. Currently it is about 100 feet. I like to go to the smoothie bar adjacent to Starbucks, or the sandwich shop on the other side. I can't drink that much caffiene and there is really no real food at Starbucks except the Ausie cookies.

    I personally don't like staying inside a Starbucks for long. There is nothing remotely computer related in there. I like Borders and Kinkos better. I think computer related/dedicated hot spots will be something coming up in the future.

    More free hot spots are coming up, although sometimes a bit slower and less reliable than tmobiles T-1 lines. These are typically DSL or less. Other pay services are coming up too so it is becoming more ubiquitous. Up on the mountain in North Lake Tahoe there is a service (Exwire)that covers the whole area but with different pass codes depending where you are at. Just park and trade or go to a number of coffee shop type places. Sometimes towns will have an open network available for whatever reason, like Reno's railroad project.

    I have been doing some simulated trading from Starbucks wireless and my performance chart is going up up up. So it must work. Next stop Seattle.