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  1. s.promo


    Hello everybody!

    We opened trading office and now choosing a good wi fi router for 16 computers.

    Which one you can advise? It must me very stable and fast. Maybe there is any professional model I can check out?

    thanks !
  2. Jachyra


    Not sure I'd want to be using a wifi for a trading firm.
  3. GTS


    Cisco Aironet 1250.

    But I agree with the other poster about the sanity of going wireless for trading;

    Is wireless just a backup connection option or is it the primary/only method for the office?
  4. s.promo


    if wi fi router is fast and very stable - why not?
  5. well, b/c wifi is not supposed to be as fast...usually 1/2 as fast.
  6. GTS


    A wireless connection is inherently less stable then a wired connection regardless of how stable the wireless router/AP is.

    I'm sure this is going to sound condescending no matter how I phrase it....how did you get put in charge of doing the office networking?
  7. Jachyra


    Maybe one day wifi will be as fast, stable, and have as much bandwidth as a hard wired line, but as far as I know, that day is not today.

    If I absolutely had to use wifi, I would probably use one of those Dual N-Band routers so that I could either (1) use one band for trading and the other band for web browsing and other non-essential internet connectivity or (2) put half my traders on 1 band and the other half on the other band.

    But IMHO wifi is not a good fit for scenarios where persistent, high bandwidth network connectivity is a necessity, especially when there are better options available, and I think you're asking for more headaches than if you were to just use hard wired LAN/ethernet connections.

    Now if for some reason you can't run cables and wifi is your only option, or, you're just using it as an alternative option (i.e. for those who bring in laptops or iphones) then I think wifi is fine.
  8. s.promo


    thank you guys for the help

    I will try Cisco aironet for some time. I want to believe it can be 100% stable. As about the speed - i dont feel any difference between wifi and lan :confused:
  9. Jachyra


    Its not so much a question of speed, as much as a question of bandwidth.

    For instance, here is a chart of the over the air estimates based on various 802.11 specifications.

    802.11b 11 Mbps
    802.11g 54 Mbps
    802.11n 200+ Mbps

    So even in a best case scenario where you're comparing a top of the line 802.11n wifi router vs. a 1 Gbps LAN card, you're talking about only having 1/5th the bandwidth.

    Stability is also an issue, but you've already said you're not concerned with that so I won't get into it.
  10. EvilC0P


    and that is in theory.
    and if you are sitting on the wifi router. then you may get ~80-90% signal strenght.

    then you can have interference. walls in the way and other interesting thing that can weaken your signal.

    But if the guy has to go wifi, i would replace the small antennas.

    then you have to add encryption. because in no way you gonna be trading with unencrypted data.. i hope... and WPE is useless so you have to go WPA at least, and that should kill your signal strenght and speed by 30-50% easily.

    seriously, you don't want to go wifi for this kind of activity.
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