why's MetaTrader's feed so reliable compared to . . .

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Wallace, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. it's imo a real pity MetaQutoes never went the full distance with MT and designed
    MetaTrader to provide tick and up timeframes with the various chart types that
    other programs provide

    besides offering one of the best tools selections with 'unlimited' user inputs, the
    data feed is 100% dependable, well I've 100% confidence in it being reliable when
    compared to IB, eSignal, NinjaTrader/CQG/Zen-Fire feeds - see the repeated posts
    about disconnections, can't login, etc

    MT does have disconnections, one broker I used did some kind of server update
    every day for a few minutes, don't use Oanda's demo much but if it's anything like
    their FxTrade platform they purposely disconnect . . . check during tomorrows
    NFP release to see if you get disconnected
    another broker I use everyday did have repeated disconnections, I'd wait for a
    reconnect or switch servers - left click on the lower right corner of the MT page
    then used Chat once and was told they're working on updating the server to stop
    the problem and that seems to have happened

    MT updates are simply a matter of clicking the Start Update button, completed
    in a couple of minutes, and user files, charts remain the same

    if I want to trade futures I Have to use NT, but I've no confidence in it or the data
    feeds available, the only positive is AMP's (AMP is an FCM that clears for other
    brokers) trading desk whose response time to phone-in orders is fast and they
    are usually right uptodate about a feed going down, problem, fix and up again

    so if MetaTrader is so reliable, why not those other programs
  2. FxTrade didn't disconnect, just stopped updating