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    I don't understand this whole multiple alias thing and the need to do it. If it was just a bunch of kids, I could understand it, but there are some posters who are of age and that I really respect, who also have different alias's.

    Not that it's right or wrong, and I realize this is the internet, but this isn't the Yahoo boards either. That recent one by MarketSurfer got me to thinking about it and to post this. I mean seriously, what does he hope to accomplish? Just seems idiotic is all.
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  3. yeah, come in chat and see for uself, what surf does here is angelic in comparison..man if i am fed up with that tool, every day a new handle, he just laugh at us and take us for reatrded cretins.
    watch him come here and reply in complete denial, that's a classic, R0R.
  4. Ricter


    It's helpful to have a few alts in case one gets banned.