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    At 9:30 in the morning when trading starts at NYSE, people at Bloomberg news keep saying that the futures market CLOSED at some figure for the S&P and DOW. Well Technically speaking, E-mini S&P and E-mini DOW trading at CME continue while trading is going on at NYSE. why do they say that? Any idea?!
  2. S&P big futures contracts (SP, $250 multiplier, .10 increments) are closed right before equity open, while ES is still open. Maybe that's it?
  3. the moment u stop listening to cnbc or even putting that channel on the moment your life will be that much better. It is a proven fact that those people don't know what they are talking about, I don't know if they even really know what an S&P future is...they were talking once about soymeal and soybean oil futures, and Erin said she didn't know they even existed. Not even worth pondering in my opinion.
  4. Nice pair of noise cancelling earbuds tunes that crap out at my office; wish we could just keep the thing on mute though... Gotta love it when they run a commercial every week during energy inventories.