Why Zen-Fire?

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    Introducing NinjaTrader powered by Zen-Fire Trading Engine!

    The Data and Order Routing Engine is co-located with the exchanges and core Internet carriers at one of the premier data centers in Chicago. This provides the network capacity to provide the maximum bandwidth, speed and reliability needed by all types of traders and institutions. The engine was built to support as much data as the exchanges can distribute and route orders in less than 100 milliseconds. Over 18 major Internet carriers are used to ensure network availability when individual Internet carriers fail.

    All hardware and network components were built with redundant backups configured to fail-over seamlessly in the event of hardware failure. Load balancing and scalability was a key design component resulting in a system that can accommodate 1,000's of users without issue.

    The first traders to get on the system were market makers and black box traders that scrutinize the speed down to the milliseconds. After monitoring the system for over a year, a trading platform (NinjaTrader) was written to the engine in order to allow screen traders access to the same market data and order routing engine used by those professionals.

    Features now include new compression techniques and technologies used to distribute the data across IP networks specifically geared toward remote connectivity (i.e. Internet connections) and an institutional grade order-routing engine shaving milliseconds off order entry and modification. Coupled with the NinjaTrader platform that offers advanced order entry types (automated brackets, trailing stops, chart trading, etc) and 24 hour network and IT monitoring, the end result is product now known as Zen-Fire.

    Click here for more information and Free NinjaTrader "Futures" Demo>> http://www.ampfutures.com/zen_fire.html
  2. would you please state the dates, times and durations when the
    Amp/ZenFire feed was down during the previous 60 days
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    walace, why you are asking about this? you are using ZEN and had problems last 60 days? It would be interesting for me to hear about....searching a broker, but not IB :)
  4. Has there been any feed that has not been down during the past 60 days?
    Such info could only have relevance in the context of a table showing all feeds/brokers/platforms etc. from reliable sources.

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    I have used Zen-Fire and Ninja for several months and it beats any other combination I used before. (I tried about 5 or 6 other platforms in the past). No connection to any firm here.
  6. plenty of downtime - i use AMP and am not too pleased with Zen fire so far - went down 3x in 1 week - usually during high volume/volatility - when using chart trader - the prices get reflected inaccurately - for example - you buy 5 e mini s&p's at 1270 ans it will reflect on chart like you bought them at 1240 - making your p&l in market analyzer incorrect - sometimes it even shows the purchase price as 0 (zero) - this compresses the chart and makes it unreadable - making you open a separate chart in sim mode so you can see the chart again - RIDICULOUS
  7. oh and i forgot to mention - when you call amp - no one knows anything about zen fire - weird - i asked a rep how to enter an oco order - he shouted out to the guy next to him - who also did not know - after 5 minutes of this - i said I'll just contact ninja trader directly - GUESS WHAT? you CANNOT talk to a live person with ninja support - all communication is done via email - HAHAHA - comical - needless to say not sure what all the fuss is about w zen fire - sucks so far - i donl't want to but I may have to pay up for x trader :-(
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    LOL! just LOL! Are you for real?
    I use NT with Zen Fire through AMP. Never seen any downtime. Customer support is top notch at both NT and AMP. Couldn't ask for better.
    My advice: check your damn connection and maybe learn how to use a computer?

    Disclaimer: Not affiliated with AMP, ZF or NT in any way besides being a customer.
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