Why you won't see a tobin tax anytime soon:

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by telience, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. telience



    "Obama Seeks to Raise Money From Industry He Has Criticized. President Barack Obama will host a $30,400-per couple fundraiser in New York City tonight, seeking donations from the financial services industry that he has criticized and said needs more regulation. "

    Wall street owns Obama. Sometimes I think they let lehman fail in order to ensure his election.

    Assuming the public doesn't catch on we should be OK. If they do, then things could get a little hairy..
  2. Ain't that the truth!
  3. clacy


    Wall street owns this country, period. We have the best politicians money can buy, and wall street has all the money.

    It's sad actually. I'm a free market guy and certainly not a lefty, but I could respect Obama more if he was actually for "change".

    Instead, he is just like all other politicians..............

    #1 on his list is re-election

    He will take their money all the way up until his re-election and then try to bend them over.

    By then the Republicans will have the house/senate and their will be gridlock.
  4. dam its confusing. you say wall street owns obama. if you go to the p&r thread you will find dozens of right wing wingnuts complaining that obama is an evil socialist out to destroy american capitalism. what gives?
  5. clacy


    Re-election. That's Obama's only motivation for not destroying Wall St
  6. so he is almost like a republican then? he is on the side of the wall street big money as in you scratch my back and i will scratch yours. does not sound very socalist to me.
  7. clacy


    Well in a sense, yes. They ALL will sell their principles out for hanging onto power and the power in this country goes through Wall St