Why you should not learn to code

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    Yup, it can take weeks to months to iron out flaws and fine tune an algo.
    Never seems to end, always a new idea comes along to either improve or change the formula or fix an error.
    It's a maths nerd's paradise.
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    I like math but I hate the tedium of syntax, problem solving and puzzles are lovely to me. Grammar is painful. Lol
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  3. At some point, when you have enough experience, you don't see the syntax anymore. This is especially true with good ol' indent-as-block Python
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    I'm sure that's the case but devoting that much time to it takes away from other things, having no background whatsoever in programming and trying to teach myself from scratch from a textbook.

    Maybe one day when I'm not as busy.
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    General post:

    I'm always amazed by all the "just learn coding, then test all your trading ideas" posts, by strangers ... to strangers.

    A true artist would never say that anyone can learn to be a good painter. An unskilled artist may say some stuff like that though.

    Not everyone can do everything they put their minds to. All minds aren't built for that.

    Ok. True, everyone can learn to splash some color onto a canvas; and everyone can program "Hello World," or whatever else they are given exact specifications for ... like coloring-by-numbers.

    Moral of the story:

    Try it. You'll know whether or not it's for you after a little while. Just like you knew whether Math and Science was your "thing" in High School. You don't need strangers online to tell you whether or not you can become a Math, Physics, Painting, or Computer Whiz.

    True painting, and true programming, and true writing, and most true things, tap into the creative, as well as logical, parts of the brain.

    Try all kinds of s***, but stick to doing what you love, and can afford; whatever that is. In spite of the internet.
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