Why you should not learn to code

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    Wise choice. The rewards are great and the risk relatively low. People will start talking about the traders who make millions every year but at the same time, you can also bring up programmers/engineers who are at the top and make these amounts.
    I think after the stress of trading, everything else is a cakewalk. Now cue the traders who'll claim how easy it is to make a lot of money and how wrong I am. Sure.
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  2. I didn't say this fake news deep fake
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    Sorry ! I quoted wrong person, got distracted while editing the message :D , it was d08

    ( the moment i saw, quoted message and your name inside the quote o_O ... wind in background ... )
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    ( ok posting again, this time the right person )
    @Turveyd probably had general masses in his mind and for you it took some time, to develop your approach ?

    If im correct, then what he wrote is true.
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    I don't think there is any easy approach that works for the masses. I mean by applying simple logic - if there is an easier approach, why would anyone use the harder one? Pleasure from pain?
    Both trend and MR can work, there are many markets, instruments, time-frames to choose from. Typically guys who have these absolutist ideas tried trading the SP and NQ intraday with the approach for a few months and since it doesn't work, the whole approach doesn't work! That is just wrong and ignorant on many levels.
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    I don't know, if that's true in his case, but i think the same, about majority of the rest, like you just wrote above.

    Most likely, they don't even realize , that it is - a hard approach.

    Lack of skill and experience, lack of IQ, lack of patience, risk aversion.

    ,,Based on the new data on risk aversion and patience by Falk et al. (2018), my results suggest that countries with high IQ populations are more risk averse and more patient than countries with low IQ populations.The positive correlation between patience and IQ corroborates the empirical evidence based on micro data.High IQ populations tend to be more patient because intelligent people have longer time horizons. Micro data evidence portraying the correlation between cognitive ability and risk aversion is mixed. The positive correlation between risk aversion and IQ supports recent micro data evidence based on dynamically optimized sequential experimentation (Chapman et al. 2018). Future research should examine the correlation between risk aversion and cognitive ability in more detail. ''

    souce : https://www.cesifo.org/DocDL/wp-2019-295-potrafke-risk-aversion-patience-intelligence.pdf

    like in here :


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  7. ironchef


    I love to do everything by hand too.

    I started hand calculate Black Scholes. Too time consuming, too difficult, so I was forced to use Excel.

    Next I tried to calculate Black Scholes over time with different conditions using Excel, too cumbersome, too time consuming. So I was forced to go back to school and learn coding. :(
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  8. I actually do have Asperberger’s Syndrome, so that works for me.. Besides, I’ve been seriously considering learning to code anyways...becoming a software engineer.
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  9. Don't do it
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    Just means your not daytrading with tight stops.
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