Why you should not learn to code

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  1. I can believe that. Do you think you'll ever go back to trading?
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  2. southall


    I never stopped trading, my algos are still running. But full time trading, no i wont go back that voluntarily, not unless my contract is terminated and i cant find anything else. Which could happen when we get the next down turn.
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  3. zdave83


    Appreciate the suggestion ... will take a look.
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  4. You'll be fine in a downturn if you're contracting. Generally, contractors are the first to go from a busines that needs to reorganize, but also contractors are preferred to full-time hires at the same time when the work needs to be done.
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  5. fan27


    There is something to be said for a fat steady paycheck.
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  6. SteveH


    Dude in the video thinks he's a know-it-all. He had too much money with too little common sense. He lacks a vital ingredient in his personality to trade well...humility. It's not about being smart. It's about having good powers of observation, relentlessness in what you're doing and admitting quickly when you're most likely wrong.

    Coding is fun. It's personally rewarding. I encourage everyone to learn how to program to help them in their trading endeavors.

    I've had more enjoyment and more rewards by hand backtesting the charts I trade. It inspires creativity. You'll see things no computer program is going to pick up on. Mark Douglas put it best, paraphrased, "Creativity occurs when you're able to suspend your current belief systems".

    Super smart, arrogant tech leads. That's what you should stay away from.
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  7. He's being VERY sarcastic. I think it's a joke. Or at least I hope it is.
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  8. d08


    Pretty sure that is also sarcastic. Although he goes from sarcasm to seriousness in a second, hard to say when.
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    I don't think there has been a specific thread about it. I learned more serious coding only for trading/algo purposes (HTML in the 90s doesn't count). Never worked as a programmer, although it helped automate certain things at work which gave me loads of free time.
    Using Python/Pandas and a crapload of other modules with IB, fairly standard toolset nowadays. I've been getting more serious about data structures lately and trying to think as an architect rather than a script kiddie but I don't necessarily know if it's a wise decision as the time required is immense.
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    Nonsense. I've made the vast majority of my returns on mean reversion (counter trend). Unless you have some other definition of counter-trend...
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