Why you should not learn to code

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    I made it about 5 minutes in, and just couldn't take it anymore. You are a cruel person, Nobert. 5 minutes of my life lost, 90 seconds of which was an advert. Incredible. ROFL.
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    Yeah...sure...learn to code. Then you will become way to logical and people will think you have Asperger's Syndrome. I suggest you watch the video again :)
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    :D ...
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  4. This should be a must watch for every beginner. He committed almost every mistake there is in the beginning trader universe. The sad thing is that the human psyche is wired such that most who commit such mistakes actually keep on repeating them. They just can't help it. I see it over and over again, for example, how some keep on attempting to counter trends no matter how strong the trends. Or they are overleveraged. Or they only read and expose themselves to news that suits their Positions. Or they read biased news. Or they don't honor stop losses. The list goes on... that is why I believe the grand majority cannot learn to trade.

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    For those who code to support trading and have been around for awhile ... has there been an ET thread with member descriptions of what/why they're coding, and the apps/languages/environments/data they're coding with ? Just curious.
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    Cause you will learn Aged 12 ish, Dragon 32, C64, Spectrum 32K and merely 36years later you'll run out of Dev work and go bankrupt pretty much, that's why :)
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    The difference between profitable or not most of the time day trading wise is simply.

    Counter Trend = Loser.
    Trend = Winner.

    It's so easy to countertrend, it has a big move, you try to reverse it, you get SL'd think but that's the top, reverse it, get SL'd and so on and so worth.

    Where is it's hard to take it's going up, but pulled back, so lets join it and ride it, but it looks so scarey as occasionally it reverse spikes, you just can't join it.

    Even after 12 years, I keep slipping into above, half arsing my trades, generally to lazy to trade proper.

    And I'm nearly a genius so what chance does the average 100 IQ person have!!
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    A bit torn on this, but...NO! Nobody watch that ever! It will just depress you! OMG, it is so full of fail. *Heavy sigh*

    Watch kittens instead!

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  9. cafeole,

    You said that right!

    One person trying to code a trading strategy to backtest is a waste of time.
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  10. Well, nobody should even aspire to risk money who can't face the truth, facts, failures, loss.

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