Why you should not learn to code

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    If only more people listened to the Tech Lead, but, they prefer learning to code instead! :( When people learn to code, they're not cool at parties anymore! :vomit:
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    If you are looking to learn to code to automate trading, my advice - don't. It takes years to learn coding correctly, and it takes years learning to trade. Doing both at the same time will screw with your head.
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    That is true. Trying to focus on both at the same time will mean you need 40 hour days and not much sleep. I'm doing it anyway though.
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    Real business is done by signing papers and shaking hands. Tech Lead knows what's up.
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    By accident, from recent youtube recommendations :
    ( haven't seen, this channel before )
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    I saw the link. If he's a legit tech lead at a Big Tech company(e.g. FANG) then he probably makes that much in a year! Total comp(base + cash bonus + stocks).

    FYI: No, I'm not at a Big Tech. LOL.
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  8. Didn't watch the video but yes I agree with the title
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    Watch it. It is hilarious!!
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    AI singularity is decades away, until then everyone should learn how to code.

    I don't code but would be glad to learn at least half way decent in languages of stock market and trading at least.
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