Why You Should Beat Your Wife!!

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  1. Why You Should Beat Your Wife!!

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  2. American men who beat their wives are taken to jail and given restraining orders. Arab men who do it are given free TV airtime to share the joys of wife-beating with everyone else.

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    Denying that there were (are) rabbis who prescribe wife beating
    under certain conditions is likewise a refusal to face the truth. The words I have never seen any sources permitting a wife to beat her husband.
    Does anyone know of any such sources? (please do not respond with sources permitting the beit din to flog; that is not what i am asking).
    As I stated, in my work with agunot I have many times witnessed, and continue to see today, rabbis sending women back to physically abusive husbands. In 1986 there was a conference on Women and Halakhah, in Jerusalem, organized by P'nina Peli. The rabbi who headed the Jerusalem beit din spoke, and before an audience of over 500 women (including me), and a
    few men as well, stated that merely because a man beats his wife, that is not sufficient cause to end a marriage. He reported sending a woman whose husband's beatings caused her to be hospitalized three times, back to him because he still loved her and wanted shalom bayit. He advised us to work at keeping marriages together instead of helping agunot to obtain their gittin.
    This past Sunday night I took six agunot to meet with a local rabbi.
    Each told her story. Two of the women had been physically attacked by their "husbands." One, whose husband is a jeweler and kept a gun in the house repeatedly threatened her with the gun, and bashed her face in with it. She still lacks a get after five years. The other had her ribs broken. This one is in civil court fighting over child custody, and her hsuband is bringing in a local rabbi to testify on his behalf.



    But only after reading Prof. Naomi Graetz ‘s compelling book: “Silence is Deadly, Judaism Confronts Wifebeating,” did I realize how valid. The case Prof. Graetz makes , based on sources in the Talmud, the Mishnah and centuries of responsa of rabbinic authorities, is that, indeed, many Halachic authorities have not only done nothing to punish wifebeaters, but have actually condoned wifebeating, spelling out conditions in which it is not only permissible, but a mitzvah. Moreover, in our own day, current Halachic thinking makes it extremely difficult for an abused wife to get out of her husband’s clutches if he persists in refusing her a divorce.

    The pioneering haredi rabbi who opened the first battered women’s shelters for haredi women in Jerusalem, once told me of a conversation he had with a well-respected Sephardic rabbi: “ What are you Ashkenazim making a big deal about?” the Rabbi complained to him, “Almost every Sephardic husband beats his wife.”

    http://www.naomiragen.com/Column Archive/WifeBeating.htm


    It is somewhat frightening that in recent times, patriarchy is being idealized by some contemporary Jewish women who are choosing a fundamentalist way of life in order to rationalize psychological paralysis which trapped the Jewish woman in an abusive relationship. [5] In the 80's, Jane Jacobs described the process of abdication in terms of "emotional economy". The female develops emotional commitment which is expressed through submission to the male. In return she gets love and emotional support. The reason this happens is that women are socialized to get self-validation through male approval. [6] Perhaps the worst consequence of this fundamentalist status quo is that it includes acceptance of wife-beating as natural. The view is often expressed that it is man's nature to be aggressive and woman's nature to suffer--and maybe she deserves it.

    In this world-view, beating is regarded as a means to an end. Battering can be justified-- on occasion, for it is a mitzvah to chastise one's wife for educational purposes. Battering might even be seen as a means to obtaining shelom bayit, domestic harmony. The communal unit is perceived to be more important than the individual.

    There have been many examples of acceptance of wife-beating in the Jewish community throughout the ages. We find the first such examples in the writings of the Babylonian gaonim. [6a] The Jewish woman has to wash, cook and grind in accord with what the rabbis have decreed. And when her husband enters the house, she must rise and cannot sit down until he sits, and she should never raise her voice against her husband. Even if he hits her she has to remain silent, because that is how chaste women behave. [7] Although Maimonides says a man should honor his wife more than his body and love her the same as his own body, and rules that a "Woman is not a captive and should be granted a divorce if her husband is not pleasing to her," he recommends elsewhere in the Mishneh Torah, that beating a bad wife is an acceptable form of discipline. [8]

  6. Also, please refer to a very informative site that deals with " Christian Domestic Discipline"


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