Why You Should Be Wary Of "the Secret!"

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  1. WHY YOU SHOULD BE WARY OF "THE SECRET!" (reposted from Burt Wilson's web site)

    "You will frequently find that the surest way of winning a thing is to give up even the desire for that thing."

    --The Master Hilarion
    The Teachings of the Temple

    Have you heard about “The Secret?” It’s a new DVD which has become a phenomenon of what is called “viral marketing,” i.e., being passed along from friend-to-friend. It’s been on the news, it’s been on Oprah, it’s become a thing of the tinsel-town elite. What is the “The Secret?” It’s a technique which the “spiritual personalities” on the video guarantee will bring you wealth, friends, happiness, power and practically anything you desire. Obviously, it’s caught on. Especially with the unwary. Particularly with those who want something they haven't earned.

    The Secret is actually old wine in a new bottle. You have known it previously as the “Power of Positive Thinking,” “Think and grow Rich,” Nichiren shoshu chants, the song “Wishing will make it so” and even Haitian Voodoo practices. In simple language it tells you that you can have anything you want if you think about it constantly while visualizing what it is you want in your thoughts. Well, sorry, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill got there first–-not to mention the black priesthood from Alantean times.

    Does The Secret work? Yes, it does. And that’s just the problem. It’s why we have this delicious little saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.” Remember that. It’s true. Think on it.

    There is a reason that Jesus said, “Your needs are known” and that great spiritual leaders have all said that we should be desire-less. There is a reason that people say, "The Universe will provide." You should be aware that the “spiritual personalities” and the "New Age Churches" touting this so-called “secret” know nothing of real spiritual laws and are all out for the buck.

    When you wish, desire, chant for, focus your thought on and visualize that which you think you desire, you make a karmic demand on the Spiritual Ether. Your demand disturbs the Ether just like a boat plowing through the sea and if you get what you desire (the question is always "when") it will definitely have a price. It will exact something from you that you cherish or else you will soon lose it and much more. This is that part of The Law they don't tell you about because they don't know or understand it.

    There is a story of the woman who wished for a white Cadillac in her garage. Her husband lost his job and they had to move and the people who moved in had a white Cadillac. Another story is that of the New York society matron who wished for a mink coat. She got it and her husband was immediately transferred to Egypt. Need I say more?

    Oh yeah, they say this is white magic and you can use it to wish for peace and for healing and all that. Doesn’t matter. There is a principle involved here. It's called the "Rebound Blow." Just as a rifle kicks back when it's fired and a balloon goes forward when air escapes from the other end, the rebound blow comes into play when you send out a forced desire for something.

    The way this aspect of The Law is best explained is in that phrase from the Teachings of the Temple by Master Hilarion. He says, "Each step of good opens up a like return force of evil." This is the rebound blow. Send out positive and you can expect negative in return. When you disturb the ether with the force of your desire that magnetism of that energy will circle around and hit you from behind with its reverse force. This means that if you have made a step upwards toward the good, the rebound blow will try to knock you back down again. And it will if you have not prepared for it.


    Say you want to stop smoking. The energy put into quitting will circle around and hit you at a later date with a reverse force that will make you want a cigarette badly. If you've ever smoked and tried to quit, you know this is the truth! That force will be equal to the force you set in motion. If you give in, you've lost. If you can summon a greater force and not give in, then each time that force circles around, its energy will be less and less, decreasing until it's gone and you are free of the bondage.

    If you focus on something that disturbs the Ether, you will surely get the rebound blow. That’s Karma. There is a way to wish for something and protect yourself at the same time, however. Go ahead, wish for anything you want, but at the end of the wish, just add, “Only if it is my Karma to have this.” Now you’re off the hook. But then, why go through the process in the first place!

    Know that the more visualization and psychic force you put into a selfish desire, the greater will be the rebound blow. Here's the kicker. If you receive that which you so greatly desire, something of equal value will be taken from you. Your stocks may decrease in value; you may develop a sickness; you may lose your job. Whatever force you put into your desire, Karma will seek recompense. That is The Law. The whole object is to develop a pure heart and use it to perform unselfish acts. Then Karma will bring you what you need. But you have to TRUST that!

    Do yourself a favor. Desire wisdom. It’s the only thing you can take with you when you leave. Remember the Law of Karma: you cannot keep anything you haven't earned.

    I hope this information has been of help to you.

    --Burt Wilson

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  3. What is this Battle of the Loonies!?

    Spiritual ether, rebound blow?

    Never has America needed logic more. This (old) New Age crap makes Christianity look like rocket science.

    There is cause and effect. You go out and shit gets done because you had the will and the strength to do it.
  4. I know it is a paradox but this is how it IS..."light a match and see a shadow."..see?
    (this is duality in the Universe...there is no good without the existence of evil)
  5. "There is no cause and effect"???? now who is talking loonie stuff?
    If you do not believe in Karma - go rob a bank. See what will happen.....
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    Some people seem stuck in Newtonian physics which served us well for 300 years but there is a new paradigm now, and while it may appear counterintuitive you only need know the structure of reality for it to make sense
  7. Learn to read I said there is cause and effect.

    Believe it or not but Frank Abagnale not only ripped off lots of people and did get caught but he basically bargained his way out of jail and then made a fortune catching other fraudsters. None of his wealth would have be obtained had he not been evil to begin with. So the original evil rebounded in the spiritual ether to something positive... my God you are right! Wait I thought karma was supposed to balanced good and evil or wait was it the latest bull shit people are spewing? Oh forgive me the latest dredged up ancient bull shit.

    Yes please explain quantum mechanics to us then.

    People are unloving believable. Quantum physics does not suggest anything of the sort that that bunk What the Bleep Do We Know drivel goes on about.

    Honestly people need to get educated.

    Science, logic, reason, and rationalism have given us all the good things in life. All these modern day Shamans want us to revert back to fire worshiping imbeciles.
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    The basic structure of reality and the universe is thought... your own reasonable logic rational scientists say so

    They just took thousands of years to catch up to esoteric wisdom :)
  9. Once again you are wrong.

    Please produce the scientific textbook that says the real atom (the basic structure of the universe) is thought.

    You don't know anything about real quantum theory. Get the fudge out of here.
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    Newtons third law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    It is absolutely counter intuitive that that earth circle the sun!!!

    It is also counter intuitive that the earth is NOT flat!!!

    May I ask what is the new paradigm?

    Also, what does "the structure of reality" mean?
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