Why you people in the US pay income tax WHEN YOU DONT HAVE TO?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Daal, Aug 18, 2006.

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  2. Daal


    I was being sarcastic
  3. There are thousands of people not paying taxes or filing... but your right it doesn't always go well for them...

  4. I don't think most of those people are making in excess of 1 million a year, as it seems that this guy was. ($300,000.00 tax bill)

    Most people who don't pay taxes slide under the radar.
  5. Pekelo


    According to frequently quoted statistics, 95% of all traders outsmart the IRS simply by being a net loser... :)
  6. How ingenious, "keep from paying taxes by being a "net loser".

    I feel like an idiot.

    Every year, I paid my taxes and all the while you "net losers" were living in gorgeous split level dumpsters in alleys behind fast food restaurants all over the country.

    If only I had known.


  7. DannoXYZ


    hmmm... corporations only pay taxes on what's left after expenses. This includes:

    - autos (insurance, operating costs, maintenance, repairs)
    - depreciation of autos, buildings, assets
    - costs-of-operations: classes & training, phones, meals, R&D, phones, travel, hotels, conventions & seminars, hookers, etc.
    - salaries of officers, employees, outside contractors

    Gee... I only get paid below poverty-level from my corporation and I have no taxes. And the corporation, wow, it had no money left over after all those expenses... it pays no taxes either...

    BTW - did you know that a portion of gambling losses in Vegas are tax-deductible???
  8. I understood it to be only if you have winnings...hey! can you carry the losses over from previous years? Can Retail Spot Forex trading in its secondary market, be considered gambling in this case?

    I can make it look very legite on a tax return :)

    BTW - did you know that a portion of gambling losses in Vegas are tax-deductible???