Why you are a slave. Rothschild's own you! End The FED!

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  1. WHAT?????

    The US govt is to answer to the US citizenry as our Republic is set up per the US Constitution. We are SUPPOSE to be able to trust our govt with the designed checks and balances of the Constitution. We are NOT suppose to set up entities OUTSIDE of the framework of the Constitution because we say we can't trust the govt......that is an insane perspective.

    The federal reserve banking CON JOB here in the US is completely outside of the framework of the Constitution.....it is NON US foreign based entities who own a majority of the shares in the various branches (in other words, they own the whole fed).

    The US citizenry is ALLOWING foreign nationals to control money policy in the US through an entity fully outside the framework of the Constitution..........THIS IS the only real problem here. Setting up an entity OUTSIDE of the US govt (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) is ALREADY in place and it has led to massive DEBT and economic subversion!!!
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    Ok, so you are agreeing with what i have already stated, now please explain something to me.

    Why do the Rothchilds need to continue to control central banks? What is the motive? Are all of the Rothchilds, (both past and present) homicidal maniacs who just want to kill people?

    If the Rothchilds controlled the money supply for hundreds of years do you think they need anymore printed dollars?

    Why do they need more printed dollars? What is the motive?
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    Your questions are good. I think there might be collusion, mostly at the "almost there" level, but for the most part I think our troubles are structural.
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  4. U.S. Postal Service Starts Quoting SDR to Dollar Conversion Rates, and IMF Endorses Replacing Dollars with SDRs


    Shocking New IMF Report: The U.S. Dollar Needs To Be Replaced As The World Reserve Currency


    Move to replace dollar as world reserve currency hastening, IMF suggests SDR


    BANCOR -

    "Another possibility being developed is something called the Bancor, according to an Info Wars article from August of 2010: “So where in the world did the name ‘Bancor’ come from? Well, it turns out that ‘Bancor’ is the name of a hypothetical world currency unit once suggested by John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was a world famous British economist who headed the World Banking Commission that created the IMF during the Brenton Woods negotiations.”
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  5. You use DEBT and CONTROL of LIQUIDITY to MANIPULATE economies.

    DEBT enslaves and LIQUIDTY controls! :eek:

    BTW, HOW ELSE would you destroy the once TITANIC US economy! :eek: The US economy is being degraded at this time to make it integrate better with a CENTRALIZED world economic system.......we are in an economic "DUMBING DOWN" phase at this time.........PULLED down to a lower capability.........ALL BY DESIGN!
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  6. Is the Fed even legally allowed to bailout foreign banks?

    Because there was a story in the news about that - where the money went. But it doesn't seem to be reported on much anymore.

    When I first heard it I thought "Wow - they're allowed to do that?"

    Also, why is the Fed allowing the big primary dealer banks to tax US citizens? I mean, the Fed lets them borrow really cheap, then they bought Treasuries with the cheap money. But the interest on those has to be paid, and where is the government going to get the money? It has to tax people. So the IRS is just a pass-thru to the big banks - and the big banks bought those Treasuries with free money from the Fed.

    So while workers had to do real work to make that money, the big banks get it from them - for nothing. They aren't even producing anything of value for it. They just collect it.

    What's that all about?
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    Is this really a conspiracy? You can go to capitol hill on any given day and see an army of lobbiests fighting for their own business/government interests. Businesses/people fight for their own best interests, this isnt even news worthy, its reality.

    Its not like there is a bunch of homicidal maniacs from Bed Bath and Beyond, controlling things from behind the scenes, and killing anyone who doesnt go along with the agenda.
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    LOL, yeah the credit card companies who are trying to hook you with a 25% interest rate are in on it with the rothchilds, to enslave humanity..... :D

    Do you hear how ridiculous you sound? They run a business, and like every other business they are trying to make money, it isnt a conspiracy, its the way business operates. It is incredibly easy to evade this "conspiracy." DONT GET A FUCKING CREDIT CARD.

    Do you think McDonalds is in on a conspiracy to make people fat when they sell you a cheeseburger for a buck? No, what mcdonalds wants is to make money, they want to make money at the cheapest cost, Simple business logic. Do you get it? It isnt a conspiracy.

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  10. DEBT as in the US DEBT....15 TRILLION.....COM'ON MAN! :eek:

    You do know how the fed works right.......enabling DEBT and controlling LIQUIDITY (what all central banks do)???
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