Why you are a slave. Rothschild's own you! End The FED!

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    Hitler may have owned the gun, but he didn't pull the trigger. I always thought that all men had a choice to do good or evil on their own. You can tell someone to exterminate 5 million Jews, but in the end, it's their own choice. He told others to do it and they followed by their own choice.
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    So, is one country supposed to adhere to the Geneva convention even though the other side isn't?

    Didn't our involvement in Vietnam or the Russians in Afghanistan teach you anything?

    You can't win a "police action," much less an all out war, if the other side is playing by a different set of rules and you don't adapt your own in response.
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    LOL :D
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  4. What would be proof to the contrary?

    Obama makes Al Sharpton Fed Reserve Chairman? :D
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  5. That's only true when both sides are signatories. If one side is not following the Geneva Convention, the other side has no legal obligation to either. Pretty sure Al Queda were not following the Geneva Convention.
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  6. You can oppose US foreign policy without having to adopt a raft of Rothschilds and Illuminati conspiracy theories.

    The fact that you willingly believed a position that you now totally reject, should make you suspicious of your own abilities to process facts and reality accurately. You should automatically be rather tentative in your views, since you willingly admit that you were 100% wrong before and now hold positions radically different. If you could be so wrong and gullible then, you can be now too. So, a bit of humility is in order, no? You are repeating the same mistake (arrogance and certainty of belief about complex situations), just with different surface symptoms. The underlying problem has not changed one iota - jumping to conclusions, making assumptions not backed up by the evidence, believing more than the discernible facts warrant. You might benefit from reading some sceptic material e.g. Karl Popper, James Randi and so on.
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    Why have a privately owned Federal reserve system if is going to be complicit with Congress and China in the yearly decimation of our currency.

    Congress can do that on their own.
    Bring back Volker.
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    Volcker is too old and US is filled with too many sissies and liars, unwilling to do the right thing.
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  9. You tried to swing at the ball and hit a pop foul into the stands behind home plate.......and get this, you hit the BEER MAN right in the head! :eek:

    I CHANGED my mind AFTER I had new extensive life experiences while serving in the US Army. I was involved in three separate regions operations, and that made me DIRECTLY AWARE of how this world really works (through real in the field experience.....which many americans do not get the opportunity to experience). This perspective I would have NEVER gained from typical american civilian life.......no fricking way! :cool: I don't need to read any skeptic books (from COUCHERS) since I already saw LIVE for many years the REALITY of this worlds power structure.

    Globalist Wealth Entities and China are in an ENDGAME chess match for access/control of natural resources. GWE's (who own the shares in the privately held central banks of the western powers) are involved with "directing" numerous operations throughout the world....to maintain as much edge as possible over China's expanding growth and influence. China is the only major power left on Earth which is not yet controlled by the GWE's central banking scam. GWE's fully control the predominance of policy for the "compromised" US govt, and the US Military is the manipulated mercenary force to carry out their campaigns.

    In addition to the key China play at hand, there are hundreds of additional destabilization and asymmetrical geopolitical plans/operations in place which work directly against a free citizenry (in most parts of the world). There is basically an ESCALATING full tilt shit storm of nasty stuff in play.....NONE of it is a friend of a healthy citizenry looking for advancing liberty!

    You just keep sitting back and thinking the reality from your books and FAUX News will keep you informed........proxy off YOUR due diligence to THEIR reality and see where that will get you (degrading country, skyrocketing debt, obamascare, TSA finger up your ass, BIG SIS videos at your friendly ChinaMart, and more wondrous aspartame in your next "big corp" diet drink)!!! :eek:

    ENJOY your INABILITY to change your mind! :eek:

    BTW, 300K a year B777 pilots make good coin for their ABILITY to change THEIR mind as the FACTS present themselves! :cool:
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    I always get a kick out of your posts AMT4SWA, Whenever i read your posts, I cant help but picture some paranoid schizophrenic with post traumatic stress sitting in a dingy basement suite reading conspiracy theories on the internet all day with a shot gun pointed at his door. :D

    I would imagine you have accidentally blown atleast a few holes in your wall, when you heard the floor boards creak late at night.
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