Why you are a slave. Rothschild's own you! End The FED!

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    What do you need a trial for? They guy admitted to killing 3000 or so people. He's pleaded guilty already!!
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  4. You mean the CIA ADMITTED FAKE bin laden videos??? :eek:
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  5. He did? How did he get off the plane right before it hit the WTC?

    Bin Laden may have owned the gun, but he didnt put the trigger. I always thought that all men had the choice to do good or evil on their own. You can tell someone to fly a plane into a building, but in the end, its their own choice. Somehow I doubt bin laden ever killed 1 man in his life. He told others to do it and they followed by their own choice.

    If I tell you to go into a bank, steal all the money and kill all the people in the bank, then come back and give me the money, who is the bigger criminal?
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    Does that make them racists?

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  7. Did you finance the bank robbery, provide the weaponry and the plan to do so?

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    Has to be done in reverse in the USA, since everyone in the USA that can possibly be jailed, is already in jail. Have to let a few out at a time, to see what happens. Actually a still better idea just occurred to me. Let's add all the police to the already overstuffed U.S. jails. Let them out one or two at a time and see if the crime rate goes up noticeably.
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  9. Who the hell let you out of your P&R forum cage?
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  10. Not very far into it yet, but the first major problem with it is, The United States declared war on the English, americans started the war, not the British or the Rothschild's.

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