Why xTrader is the best trading platform for emini trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jearnest, Mar 22, 2004.

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    #1 Stability
    #2 Speed
    #3 The absolute best execution... If you are trading 300 round trips a month you should be using x_Trader...

    It is estimated at least 50% of the electonic volume on the world's top four futures exchange goes through x_Trader order entry platform. From a traders viewpoint that speaks for itself..

    For more information on xTrader goto http://www.velocityfutures.com

    Demo accounts available
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    Why does x-trader offer an edge over other platforms in terms of execution?
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  5. With refco pro, you are limited to few brokers.
    Almost every broker can offer you X-trade and
    J-trader ,learning to us a plateform also consume
    some time that has to be considered, so better go
    for the best and widely offered one
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    But it would be nice if VF could offer a fast and stable platform without a monthly fee.
    Maybe VF could get a deal like $0.25 per side for REFCO PRO.
  7. My comparison:
    TWS: Cheap with user friendly APIs. Good for starting traders, but lacks personal service. How long do you have to wait to place an order over the phone?
    J-trader: Old technology based on MS JVM, API not easily available. Let's wait and see the next generation: TradeMark from Pats.
    X-trader: Expensive, You may have to pay a monthly fee, API not easily available.
    EasyScreen: It's new, looks good with APIs. But Refco seems the only major broker that has adopted it. If more brokers adopt it, it will likely become a major player.
  8. Reasons to go for X-trader are:

    -VF charging $150 less than regular rate $650
    that most brokerage charge.

    -You need to pay 250$ for extra exchange, but you can
    trade as many market you want if you don't have them
    open simultaneously, so i don't think anyone need to
    trade three market at a time and that will cost you:
    $500 (plateform charge+ 1 exchange free) + 250$ extra exchange= $750 Total

    -VF are very clear about their commision rates for each
    different markets, as it is published in their website, so
    there will be less gimmick.

    -X trader has fix charge per monthe, which is much better
    than "per side charges" thisway you will benifit as if your
    volume increase.

    Actualy i am not trading with them yet, but might open
    account with them.
  9. with 700 or 800 r/ts a month like I do, its much less expensive to go with FFastFill than velocity. there rates are not that good. and the platform is every bit as good. and then there is Transact that you have to consider. Even less expensive.
  10. I've tried the demo of FFast long time ago, it's not as good as J-trader. FFast is based on Citrix, which is old technology.
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