Why would TAOP stock be up 30 fold today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by rwurly, Jul 30, 2020 at 2:05 PM.

  1. rwurly


    Why would TAOP stock be up 30 fold today? I don't see any real news or anything?
  2. TheFoot


    Because jessejamesfinn1 is a genius. Lol

    Everything he touches turns to gold
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  3. Banjo


    1st. stop for questions like this is
    Type the ticker into the search box, get the page above, scroll down for news.
    Note 1for 6 reverse split from yest news feed. That would be real news.
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  4. Stockboy


    best answer for a question as such, is probably

    why wouldnt it be?

    but ok so sure...

    IMHO as Banjo kindly mentioned ( and is also mentioned in a very difficult, mind numbing google search, second link mentions the reverse split). So now you know why its up at least 6 fold.

    IMHO, usually when stocks reverse split (in fear of being de-listed, its a very bearish move, but do your own research please)

    IMHO in this current market, it probably popped up on peoples scanners, as being up 600%, when I heard it mentioned it was still really cheap I think around $5. So again IMHO I think the buyers came in heavy, betting (hoping) that it would go higher. (also, may have squeezed) This stock also has only 25 million pieces available in the market. (please do your research on supply and demand).

    Personally, I dont play these but if youre going to do so, please do your homework. Maybe the best answer, would have been, because the market decided it should be.

    Not trying to be a doosh, best of luck.
  5. I wouldn't have minded a piece of that, and I knew it was gonna hit $15 but I was busy making toasted cheese sandwiches, bagel dogs, and smores for Mrs Monster who couldn't leave her desk because of her job.

    Okay. For real I am jealous as hell.
  6. TheFoot


    Yea I made a little money from it. Not to rub it in but it was fun watching that thing climb. Got out a little early but not complaining
  7. GotherL


    The move was not surprising and rather quite predictable. I just didn't have funds to go crazy on it. Deposit arrives late tomorrow. (Always bad luck with timing.) I even said to myself on Wednesday that tomorrow was gonna be a day of fomo.
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  8. trend2009


    the prior day price is 2. The highest is 15. Where does 30 fold come from?
  9. vanzandt


    Our public schools.
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