Why would anyone trade the US futures?

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  1. This is a 2 hour move on the HSI this morning ($6.40 per point)

    Yes, your right, that's 379 points.

    <img src="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1374706">
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    Big deal! You can trade the Russel Emini's with a few contracts and have a wide range vehicle like yours.

    Another pointless post!
  3. Ok, stop making me drowl. :D I admit, I am a bit afraid to trade it out of ignorance. :( When I checked last year I believe it starts at 7:30 PM ET correct. I actually went to the website and tried to figure it. I know you like IB, and I am not the their biggest fan, although they are bad by any means. Are you using Button Trader? I would think you would need something quick with moves like that. Don't they take a proper lunch and shut down the exchange.? How much is the tick value? Man I shouldn't have looked at that chart before I am trying to go to sleep in 2 hours. I love trading, there is nothing else I would rather do, except maybe be a multi-billionaire philanthropist. :)


    P.S I hope you got a good chunk of that move.
  4. Never pointless if it winds a halfwit up.

    Dan, I use zeroline trader. Its not as hot as button trader but it is fast and so cheap its nearly free. Yes to lunch, they maintained the British setup and have a decent lunch hour (or two) before a brief afternoon session.
  5. Are regulations the same as US futures.

    B/c it took me at least a month to process all information, then they lost it. I had to do it again, etc. etc. etc.

    Do you need to ahve all of those forms signed for that exchange.
    ANti-freud, anti-terrorism , etc. etc. etc.:confused:
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    Hey Kiwi ... Yep, HSI can get real active. Fun fun until you lose yer $ss couple of times. Yuk Yuk. Got to stay real focused, finger on the trigger and maybe no stops.

    Cl can give same quick action when it gets going. Only 10$ a tick.
  7. Don't sweat it KT. I know the ER2 doesn't make clean moves like that. Maybe 5 point clean moves like the one today at NY lunch hour, but not like that. Mostly chop and grind, all the US stock index futures. Now that said QM is moving nice. You might want to check that out KT or even ZG as off late. Grains have good bouts as of recent too. Ok you got me, I bite, I will have to continue doing my homework on HSI. Kiwi, maybe I can ask you an occasional question? Good trading to you.

  8. Yes dan, feel free to ask. I sleep during the US markets and don't have the stamina to change my sleep times (it would pxss the family off too).

    ratesquad, there don't seem to be any issues for USA nians to trade HSI. There are on MHI and KOSPI options but HSI has been around for a while and become a known quantity. No special forms on IB, just tick the market data and tick the trading permissions.

    rcj, yes, its very seductive and tempting to do the wrong thing. I think defining your setups and entry conditions is extremely important. I always use stops (but snug up with stop limits) and my normal stop is no more than 9 points from entry. This morning I used a 7pt stop on all but one trade though.

    PS. Ratesquad ... I didn't know there was a concern about terrorist european psychiatrists but will keep an ear to the ground on that.
  9. Some very large technical breakdowns occurring tonight. HSI currently trading off 450 points @ 20047 and sitting below its 50-day SMA (20090). If it closes below that level, this will mark the first time the average has been broken since mid-July..

    HSI daily

    HS China Enterprise Index smashing below its 50-day SMA tonight (9788, currently trading down 3.5% @9535!). Again, today marks the first time the 50-day has been violated since mid-July..

    HSCEI daily (these chart links may not update until 4PM, check Bloomberg for current prices)

    EUR.JPY off 120 ticks since 6PM EST. Something pretty major developing here...
  10. I've been watching HSI for a while now to see what opportunities it presents, as it is also in my time zone.

    With its volatility, you must have some great setups to use only a 7 point stop!
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