Why would anyone trade spot fx

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  1. when CME offers micro futures on major pairs?

    Just doesn't make sense when you hear of all the shadiness and what not.

    Just wondering.
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    Because someone may have some currency that they want to convert to another currency.
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    Now that the liquidity improved these are pretty much tradable. Just over a year ago 5-7 pip spreads made these pointless for short-term trading. Maybe few people realise how much liquidity improved in these.

    Further, crosses (any currency pair that doesn't include US dollar) are hardly traded even in full-size futures.

    Also opening an account with a forex broker is easier and doesn't require as much capital. An account to trade CME futures requires $2,500 in capital. Lots of people open forex accounts with $1,000 and under.

    Finally, real liquidity for institutional investors lies in the spot market. Like with stocks a large-size buyer tryes to find large-size seller outside public trading venues.
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    If you are spread trading, cash currencies allow for more precise hedge ratios than the futures for more modest positions in terms of 'tail risk' management - the futures have notional values typically in $200K and $100K increments. But even with the same notional values, you have to hedge for volatility variances between the instruments.

    For example, if a trader can't capitalize or doesn't want the risk associated with a 14x9 futures position, the cash FX would allow for better hedging dynamics than a 2x1 futures position.

    Having just mentioned that one exception, I agree that the futures make better sense for just about any other circumstance.
  5. The answer is that the liquidity of the micro-contracts still suck. They're barely OK now when the US-markets are active. But even now you have a spread of 4-5 ticks in the CAD or CHF contracts...while if forex you'll pay 1-2 on most ECNs.
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    if you can trade eur/usd at oanda with 0.9 pips spread and no commissions it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to trade those futures UNLESS you want to trade the news and I bet there isn't any liquidity then either ... So I don't understand people that want to trade those micro-futures ...
  7. How does oanda make money like that?
  8. Also, in futures there is a higher gap risk - cme closes down for 1 hour, while spot closes only for ~15 mins. And, as mentioned, no liquidity in the crosses.

    Besides, spot is just cheaper for price takers. You can trade eur/usd <1 pip/tick all in, while in futures you pay 1 tick minimum + commission. In my opinion, cme should make the move to decimal quoting in the fx complex, like the underlying market did years ago.
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    I guess they have tons of volume ... those 0.9 pips add up ...
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    The same way Walmart does. They advertise a special that they will lose money on but they know once you are in the store you are going to buy other stuff. It's a smart strategy.
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