Why would anyone live in Michigan? Unemployment +10%

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  1. Here are the October numbers showing 9.3% for Michigan. They've easily hit 10 percent or more in November. I won't be surprised if it's +16% by the time Obama takes office, far too late for him to save that pathetic state with the worst city in the world: Detroit.


    Why the hell would anyone live there again?

    So you got a cheap, fucking large McHouse in some shithole suburb outside of Detroit? Good for you bastards. I hope you own a lot of guns and are a good shot to defend yourself from the Zimbabwe-esque violent crime as a direct result of millions of desperate, starving people combined with major cutbacks on law enforcement. Plus aren't taxes already a fucking horror story?

    Again, anyone living in Michigan is out of their fucking minds.
  2. And the wolverines suck!
  3. What a shame. My family vacations on Lake Michigan coast...beautiful area.

    I watched Roger & Me again this week. I haven't seen it since about 1991. It really made me sad. It seems that history is repeating itself up there.
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    Not even Robocop can save Detroit now.
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    there is no need for these wasted threads... you need to grow up and find new way to bash a city which moved your mother to my house. :D I know she was looking for a guy for security.