Why would anyone care if a soldier was gay?

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  1. I don't get it.

    If i'm in combat and the guy next
    to me was killing the enemy along side me, why would
    i give a crap if he was gay?

    I don't get all the hoopla about 'dont ask dont tell' repeal.
  2. It's an incredibly stupid policy DADT. I had VERY good E7 and O-3-4's that where gay and top notch Marines. I've always said I rather have them in my fighting hole with me than a splittail. I stand by that.

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    The Pussyfying of American Mindset wants the Armed forces to be an equal opportunity employer, beset with the same ideological trappings of corporate amercia.

    What the Armed forces needs to be is one unimaginable deadly can of whop-ass, so scary as the thought of opening, no-one would dare provoke it.

    Regardless of what the main stream media would like everyone to believe by it's reporting of key select individuals, the average GI is opposed to openly gay in it's ranks.

    The military has allowed gays in service, what you do in your off time is yours just keep it to yourself, in the open displayed in the group it's demoralizing. The gay community will speak against that, saying it's their rights yadda, yadda. Again the Military does not work like a civilian workplace, making adhere to those rules only weakens it, and ourselves.
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    Senate votes to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'
    Washington Post - Ed O'Keefe - ‎1 hour ago‎
  5. Do they call you sortie for a good reason?
  6. In what branch did you serve and when?


  7. LOL!

    The best post!
  8. I read that there are those who serve in forums.
  9. gays to bsy kissing- not fighting
  10. The gay community needs a new agenda.

    Gay-Marine Hero.

    Gay-Marines Wed.

    So on and so forth.....
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