Why would a Governor care about a state trooper

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  1. I wasn't really paying attention to this crap - seemed like a lot of noise.

    But then I was thinking - why would a Gov and people near her care about a state trooper? Was he at a level where he was protecting high ranking officials or was he just a grunt?

    If the 1st - then yeah, they probably are more concerned. If #2, then she shouldn't be reaching down the line to get at him. His boss should be dealing with him. Wouldn't a Gov have more important stuff to tend to?
  2. He threatened to kill her father, used a taser on his step son, drank on duty and had a ton of other problems. What do you have to do to get fired? He was clearly a threat to public safety. Because Palin knew about him due to him being her ex-brother in law, the media is turning it into some sort of unfair payback. What if he had gone nuts and killed someone? Then they would be saying she protected him and failed her duty to come forward and say he was a danger.
  3. Don't forget he shot a moose without a license. That kinda stuff makes the liberals madder than hell. LOL.

  4. Wow - if he's done all that -WHERE THE HECK WAS HIS BOSS???

    If you had a guy like that working for YOU - would you need the friggin' GOVERNOR to tell you to get rid of him?

    Actually - amend that. If he is threatening people, he shouldn't be fired - he should be fired and ARRESTED!

    Why isn't this guy's trial coming up already?
  5. Whoa, how one-sided, fact deprived can an ETer be? Look at the court record of the divorce. The judge nearly gave the father child custody because of these attacks on the father by Palin and her relatives which the judge considered to be "emotional child abuse:"

    "It is the mother's [Hackett's] responsibility to set boundaries for her relatives and insure [sic] they respect them, and the disparagement by either parent, or their surrogates is emotional child abuse," Judge Suddock wrote. He added that: "If the court finds it is necessary due to disparagement in the Mat-Su Valley [the area north of Anchorage where Palin and her extended family live], for the children's best interests, it [the court] will not hesitate to order custody to the father and a move into Anchorage." Cyr, the union official, said that to his knowledge, no such move was ever ordered.


    It seems neither the divorce judge nor the trooper's boss thought much of the allegations by Palin and her relatives. Somehow AAA thinks that he knows more about this case than the people directly involved in it.
  6. The boss was the guy she fired. He claimed it was because he refused to fire this trooper. She said otherwise, but honestly, I wouldn't have much confidence in a commander who would protect a guy like that.
  7. I am not responsible for what some municipal judge in east moosefuck alaska writes. For all I know, this trooper went to grade school with him.

    Basically, we have a trooper who admittedly threatened her father with death, tasered his step child and drank on duty. You want to defend that, be my guest.
  8. Where is the evidence? Where is the court record? Where is the trial? All three things you claimed are against the law. If the guy broke the law, why hasn't been any prosecution? Don't tell me he got the Governor's protection.

    And somehow you trust some governor in "east moosefuck alaska" who for all you know went to grade school with him too.
  9. Uhhh probably not, AAA.

    She fired the Public Safety Commissioner. A trooper doesn't typically report to the Public Safety Commissioner, but to his shift supervisor and then Cpl, the Cpl typically reports to his Sgt. or CO. It's possible that person then reports to the Public Safety Commissioner.

    Probably his Sgt. hadn't fired him because he was exonerated.
  10. The trooper admitted to it. LOL. He was suspended for a week or so. He claimed he tasered his step-son because the step-son wanted to be tasered. I can look it up for you when I got a little more time. In the meantime, I'm sure you guys can find it all...it was all a matter of public record.

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