Why won't Palin release her health records ?

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  1. huh ? something fishy.
    The lady looks healthy and in superb shape.
  2. Maybe the kid ain't hers...
  3. Well she is only 40 something so i guess it's a big risk to have her die in office.
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    Bingo. She's lied about virtually everything else, why not that too?
  5. She has nothing of interest to release.

    Other than her OB/GYN.

    Since none of you even know if Obama was a preferred applicant in law school-a pretty major piece of info that's not in the public domain-I'd consider your "need to know" about Palin facetious and disingenuous at best.
  6. She suffers from mental illness.

    There - we've both advanced totally unsubstantiated claims. However, unlike you, I don't present my claim as gospel.*

    *Disclaimer: In spite of making a definitive statement about Sarah Palin's mental health, I possess absolutely no credible information that would back up my claim.

    (I'm sure that Pabst's disclaimer is forthcoming)

    P.S. Did you author that 'Exxon rebuttal' yet?
  7. So we shouldn't know that she is taking happy pills?

    Why not?

    Most of the country drinks too much booze, most of the country is fat, so what if her mood is elevated by the use of happy pills?

  8. Well, 'mental fitness' was an issue in the 1972 campaign. However, as I said, I have absolutely no basis for the statement I made regarding Palin's mental health. That statement was made to highlight the reflexivity embodied in "She has nothing of interest to release".
  9. She's speaking in Ohio right now. I can't believe they're even letting her speak in public anymore. Nothing that comes out of her mouth has any resonance because of her ridiculous delivery and obvious coaching.

    The McCain campaign has belatedly decided that it will go down screaming 'Taxes'. That's all they're talking about now. If they had started this at the beginning and had Mitt Romney instead of this ridiculous caricature, they probably would have won. But no, they decided to campaign on the 'John McCain isn't Barack Obama', just like the Kerry campaign did in '04.

    And we all know how that worked out.

    This will be closer than the polls show but the Electoral College problem seems insurmountable at this point.
  10. My statement is made per her statement. And yes I think it's sexist for a woman's reproductive records to be released.
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