Why wont my stocks move faster?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashmoney69, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. I seem to pick desent stocks, but they just dont ever do anything.

    I shorted FILE at 35.70 then 12 days later covered at 35.22. Set up looked perfect for a short, but the stock never moved. I made like .005 cents an hour (for an 8hr work day).. what a waste of time.

    Now I'm in RIMM and WYNN short, and RIMM is just moving sideways, yet it trades over 3.6 mil a day, FILE does 1.6 mill a day avg volume.

    Whats the problem?..is it volume or something else?
  2. ???????

    MY stocks???
  3. Uh... pick a faster-moving stock to begin with...
  4. If they "never" do anything, what makes them decent stocks?
    Besides, provided your running both directions, low volatility is where you get the best bargains and value.

    Or maybe thats a commodities thing.......
  5. When I find myself asking that question it is usually time to exit the position.
  6. Gets my vote for the funniest statement ever on ET.