Why won't Mitt Romney make his tax returns public?

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  1. Romney continues refusing to release his tax returns

    By Matthew Boyle - The Daily Caller Published: 11:57 PM 01/09/2012 |

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney continues to refuse to release his tax returns, despite continued pounding from his Republican presidential opponents and from Democrats.

    Romney has faced the question several times in recent weeks and will not release the documents. Reporters and those in attendance at events have asked the former Massachusetts governor why he won’t make the documents public. He hasn’t offered a reason why he’s keeping the documents private.

    Now, Romney’s GOP rivals are slamming him for not releasing the tax returns. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said Romney should release them because “transparency” and “trust” are major issues in this year’s presidential campaign.

    Rick Tyler, a former spokesman for Newt Gingrich and currently a senior adviser to pro-Gingrich Super PAC Winning Our Future, told The Daily Caller it appears Romney has got something to hide.

    “I think he should release them,” Tyler told TheDC. “He should have nothing to hide, but apparently does.” During an interview on Breitbart.TV Sunday night, Tyler had said Romney gave a “bad name to capitalism.”

    Romney faced heated criticism throughout Monday as the Wall Street Journal dropped a devastating analysis of his time at Bain Capital.

    Mark Maremont of the Wall Street Journal reported that 22 percent of the companies Bain Capital invested in “either filed for bankruptcy reorganization or closed their doors by the end of the eighth year after Bain first invested, sometimes with substantial job losses,”

    Maremont reported that Bain “produced stellar returns for its investors — yet the bulk of these came from just a small number of its investments… Ten deals produced more than 70% of the dollar gains. Some of those companies, too, later ran into trouble. Of the 10 businesses on which Bain investors scored their biggest gains, four later landed in bankruptcy court.”

    Romney’s campaign has repeatedly refused requests for comment from The Daily Caller and other news organizations about whether he’ll release his tax returns and why he hasn’t yet done so.

    Former Clinton White House adviser Lanny Davis authored an op-ed in TheDC last week suggesting that Romney would put himself in grave political danger by not releasing his tax returns.

    “Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns… will bring into critical mass Romney’s biggest candidate vulnerability: the idea that he lacks candor and authenticity,” Davis wrote, predicting a “severe political hemorrhage” for the Republican front-runner.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/09/r...ing-to-release-his-tax-returns/#ixzz1jHDiQ64q
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    I find this quote interesting, because I read that article and it was anything but "devastating". It was actually filled with instances of the author trying to justify his methods for reporting the stats that would make Bain look worse than reality.

    This is just from memory, but...

    --The author chose an arbitrary 8 year time frame. Most companies were held by Bain for less than 5 years. So they were including companies that failed long after Bain was gone.

    --Only about 5 companies declared bankruptcy while Bain was in the driver's seat. Some of the others had either been taken public years earlier or Bain's ownership was less than 10%.

    --The failure rate of Bain investments was pretty much exactly on par with expectations given the types of companies they invested in, at something like 7%.

    But the most interesting thing about this is that the Romney critics hold him accountable for failures of companies after Bain sold them, as well as failures long after Romney had no involvement in them. But on the flip side, They won't give him credit for the jobs created in companies after Bain left.

    IMO, it is dangerous for his critics to hold them accountable over a long time frame, because the successes significantly outweigh the failures on that timeframe. It is easy to make the argument that every person hired at Staples, Dominos, Dunkin Doughnuts, Sports Authority, etc until the present time owes the existence of their job to Bain. Then consider the multiplier effect at the wholesale and manufacturing levels. It isn't just about jobs created for cashiers at Staples, it is about jobs created for paper and printer manufacturers. It's not just about delivery boys for Dominos, but also about dairy farmers who sell approximately 2/3 of their milk to cheese plants, as well as the cheese plants themselves employing numerous technicians.

    If I were them, I would leave this argument alone. Romney has plenty of other stuff to go after.

  3. If Romney doesn't release his tax returns it will be one of the biggest issues in 2012 imo.People hate it when they feel like you have something to hide

    If he does release them and they show he paid the smaller capital gains rate it will hurt as well

    I'm wondering if Obama set this up .Obamas team said 2 to 3 years ago they thought Romeny would be his opponent and I'm sure they have been working on beating him all that time.Obama sends his friends like Buffet and the media to make a big deal about the rich paying a smaller % then regular folks a year in advance of the election because they knew Romeny paid the smaller cap gains rate putting him in the position he is in today.Is team Obama that smart or did they luck into this ? I wonder
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    Is this the birth of the Returners?

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  5. That was funny LOL !!:D
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    The President has refused to release his :
    Punahou school records,
    Occidental College records,
    Columbia University records,
    Columbia thesis,
    Harvard Law School records,
    Harvard Law Review articles,
    scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,
    medical records,
    files from his years as an Illinois state senator,
    Illinois State Bar Association records,
    baptism records and his adoption records.
  7. He released his tax returns
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    IMO, gonna be about as big an issue as Obama's birth certificate. Fun food for conspiracy theorists, but not enough to decide the election.
  9. Not even close imo_Obama released his State certified BC before he was elected

    When Romney releases his official tax returns its no longer in issue imo
  10. Why won't Obama make his college transcripts and other records public?
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