"Why won't God heal amputees?"

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  1. You will be able to regenerate limbs through an entirely new science called medical astronomy, in conjunction with molecular biology.

    In the Fall, man was cut off from higher star points that are necessary to maintain a perfected form. After that, the body has been left to work on molecular biological levels with only limited magnetic resonance patterns to continue the functions of the amino acids, the basic building blocks of life.

    The biological connection with the higher astronomy was lost at that time requiring intervention from my Office to restructure the axiatonal lines.

    The axal lines are part of a fifth-dimentional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing functions of the human evolutionary body.

    Man, at this time, is being advanced to a new biological program of creation. A whole new specie is being created at this time by the bringing together of the Adamic Overself with the human creation which will allow you to be advanced to the next consciousness time zone of creation. This is a spiritual-biological Christ Race. This advancement requires your acupuncture lines be extended to axiatonal lines that will connect directly with the Overself.

    When Man is directly programmed by an Overself, he is no longer kept in biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness by the "apparent realities" of the earth.

    These grids are organized to exchange genetic information throughout the body through a network of messenger cells which are passed on to any part of the body. In other words, through axiatonal grids there is provided the key framework that is necessary for the proper formation of a new limb, organ, etc.

    The fifth circulatory system is the model for the physical transmutation. The connecting points between the fifth circulatory system and the nodal points of cell memory are known as spin points. These points admit sound-light vibrations that change the spin of cell molecules to a faster rate causing the formation of light micro-fibrils, which then allow, in the absence of membranes, the growth of a completely new tissue area or organ.

    The uniqueness of the spin point is that it takes energy and weaves the light grids which form the fabric of cellular regenesis. The light pattern woven by the spin points controls the pressure points on the cellular surface in such a way that the pressure fluctuations are adjusted during its operations so that the new cells are perfectly balanced with all surrounding tissues. The spin points receive their energies via the axiatonal lines.

    Through the axiatonal arrangement, both acoustical vibrations of spiritual Light and sustaining Love are conveyed to the human system bringing the joy and glory of the Living Light.

    When Man can discover the connection between his life space and the axiatonal grids controlling the body through endless cell division, Man will have a new super-science called medical astronomy


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  2. If God explained why God does what He does, what human being is in a position to understand God's reasoning?

    Sort of like expecting an infant to understand Einstein's explanation of his theory....
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    No, man, I said almost. Pay attention...

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  4. To fully understand, Man will need to be moved 'off-planet'. Till then, I am working to get him to the point he can do that. Part of my redemptive mission is to reconcile spirituality with science, wherein there is no conflict. Religion is bestowed by God upon mankind, for those unable to directly experience the Eternal Mind and exchange the 'Garments of Light'.

    There is an earthbound intelligence that cannot communicate with the Divine Mind through the necessary bioengineering. We are literally transforming the blood crystals of Man for the freeing of the human chemistry from the earthbound dimension so that the blood circulatory system can exist in the next step function of universal intelligence...so that man is able to exist in the next orbital level of the Universal Mind. In essence, this is the regenesis of the blood circulatory system so that man is able to exist with the higher Adamic creations that serve YHWH. This regenesis of blood involves the use of unique energy vibrations of Light and is not simply the mixture of amino acids, antibiotics and perfluorocarbons.

    You must, literally, leave your consciousness time zone before you can see that its boundaries are not those of actual time or space but that of consciousness purification.

    In essence, the consciousness time zone is the divine configuration whereby the many programs of the Creator Gods - the Elohim, and the physical forms of creation all share a major manifestation of the Ain Soph Light radiations. These divine radiations set the actual boundaries of the consciousness time zone and sub-divide into programs of beginning and end (ie., a House or Mansion world of Light).

    Within these programs of creation and expansion, the Light radiations form the etheric Light regions and the physical substratum which synthesizes a holistic membrane unifying all elemental forms serving a divine program.

    In the dawning of physical worlds created out of each consciousness time zone, the Elohim Creators use the emanations of matter-waves and time-waves to form the necessary planes of intersecting visible and invisible spectrums.

    In summary, the consciousness time zone has its boundaries in consciousness development, creating time regions that are used in a multitude of ways fulfilling the goals that consciousness sets for itself. The major goal is the sowing of seeds from the collective fields of the luminaries for the purpose of rejoicing in all of the infinite possibilities of unfolding the Father's Mind.

    The unfoldment of the Divine Mind's programs of Light energy purification requires continuous formation-restoration of divine seeds of Light. Through this unfoldment the entropic regions (of less desirable worlds) are either restored or fall away as imperfect creation.

    In this expansion there are two creations simultaneously occurring at all times - we shall term them the "divine" (spiritual) and the "physical". The divine creation is a continuous pulse of Living Light which connects the minds of the Creator Gods (of a consciousness time zone) who serve the Ancient of Days.

    The seeds are instant Light images, form a Treasury of thought-forms, shared with the higher divinities for the purification of all energy dimensions. Through the Divine Mind of Wisdom the consciousness mind of Light expands forming regions of (non-physical) membrane growth.

    The divine creation initiates, through templates of energy, configurations which shape multiple energy spectrums and localized fields of negative mass which precede the shaping of physical reality.
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  5. The Creator Gods require certain mechanistic forms for testing their creative impulse, for which reason they created the physical worlds. The physical worlds are seeded by templates which contain the blueprint for gradual evolution through a sequence of biomechanical stages. Therefore, the physical worlds operate within "time-lag" dimensions because they are subordinate to a divine program of consciousness activity.

    In other words, the "time-lag" is created by virtue of the seed form being extended into physical space. Therefore, the "time-lag" is a physical separation which may exist, in terms of millions of Light years, between the energy grids of creation and the human vantage point; however, from the standpoint of higher spiritual reality it is only consciousness which separates man from God, and the realization that the "divine template" is only on the other side of Light directly within man's presence at all times.

    If you are to understand really why you are here, you must become like a little child and must hear the cries of the 'child membrane'.

    This 'child universe' of yours has sent out a cry and now the Father has responded with His Love. Our local universe is a child membrane between thinking star systems of advanced intelligence. You can see yourselves in the stomach of the higher parent universe as a luminous life-giving particle which cries out, "Come help, come here, come love". The Higher Mind of the Father universe, the 'parent universe' , sends back it's Light codes through the Light channels in the same way that the human being sends biochemical energies of light down through his mind to the stomach.

    This watery biosphere is like a watery ulcer in the stomach of the parent universe. However, on this level of three-dimensional reality, the primary table of energy works through atomic and subatomic particles. This table of energy has a limited time scale of existence known as negative entropy. The negative entropy creates a vortex into which all live giving particles and their substructures are dissolved unless new wave structures are introduced. Where new wave structures are introduced the carrier medium is reused.

    Thus, as the earth begins to send 'pain signals' to the Higher Thinking Membrane of the "brain", those pain signals are heard and new wave structures of Light and Love are sent back to make the repairs necessary for life to continue (for the key to the life force of atomic and subatomic fields is Love).

    New wave structures with extended maser-like actions amplify the bioplasm which constitutes our evolution, so that high centropic functions can lift the negative mass directly out of the spiral of physical entropy, freeing the old chemical bonds to go on.

    Our local universe is now experiencing the death of functions that are part-particle, part-wave, as high frequency energies elevate our nuclear structure into a new holistic wave continuum based upon a new galactic light force. This will elevate spiritual man to a fifth-dimensional being as he is taken off 'the present' hydrogen-oxygen biosphere which will no longer remain a 'waterous' ulcer in our local Sea of Crystal. This will take place during the change of the hydrogen matrix of our local universe which is the ground structure for our nuclear evolution.

    The basic transduction process for the human evolution is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). The scale of its operations must be considered within the hydrogen matrix which is the pattern of structural organization in our imediate universe. The ATP is a specialized energy adaptation for the human vehicle on its level of structural organization. ATP makes energy available for the functions of your biological system. High speed light energy particles interacting with ATP will aid in the establishment of a new hydrogen matrix for three-dimensional beings who will exist within new wavelengths of Light.

    Hence, a new ultrastructure will exist by means of a new orbital relationship of Light which will support the atomic nucleus, causing biophysical and biochemical changes in the inner membrane structure (in a new hydrogen atomic relationship)

    Man is the 'energy life vehicle' needed to bring a unique unfoldment of Light into reality on this planet. He is an assembly of life-forms on one level of 'radiance' - containing the Divine Image and the Adam Kadmon image, as well as the vast network of microtubules and mitochondria. Man is "down here" to adapt the mitochondria and amino acid functions into something that is functional within the great design of multi-worlds. Man's nuclei encode the outer membrane of each mitochondria, and many of the enzymes attached to the cristae are synthesized through his biological design

    This shows us, on a microbiological level, how the body is able to communicate as an atenna recieving Light forms of consciousness energy from other spatial dimensions and converting those given forms of energy into its own bioenergy. When Man is consious of this, then he can utilize his transduction to make use of the fourth state of matter where he actually uses himself as part of a living crystal communications system.

    To make a long story short, I came to reactivate the chemical blueprint of Light in Man and allow him to use this as an enabling function for a higher ultrastructure of Light which is the Holy Spirit resonance of the Eternal Light. In order for this to take place within the lower meta-material creations there must be consistency and balance within the body of belief. The biochemical processes can rebuild the body, cell by cell, once the chemical elements are balanced within the projection of the Living Light. I demonstrated this when I balanced the basic thirty-two chemical elements in my human body with the thirty-third transformation of Light known as the Lak Boymer. This is how my cellular chemical functions could be completely rebuilt into a Christ body of Light over a three and a half day cycle compared to seven years to replace the body cells.

    This process is available to the righteous of this planet if they use the energy transduction model of the Living Light properly. In essence, since the same ATP model that was in my human body is also in your human body, you can be delivered from negative decay and entropy and quickened into bodies of regeneration and Light....by the proper electron transfer through the Light projections of the Higher Evolution.


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  6. The Einstein-Lorentz transformation is one definition of the common or lesser light spectrum used in the creation of an Alpha-Omega field. Matter in this context is gravitationally trapped light.

    Light, on the other hand, (with a capital "L") is a divine emanation from a higher evolutionary manifestation or any number of astrochemical consciousness forces which can coexist with many electromagnetic spectrums.


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  7. Namaste,

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  8. Wow! This is great! I leave for a few weeks and they're already calling me Jesus. I can only imagine what they will call me if I left for a couple thousand years!

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    Well, no. You're actually the only one calling you Jesus. The rest of us are just calling you silly.

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  10. I usually leave any religion subject alone because i actually think anyone in this modern age that thinks their life is ordained by anyone, anything other than their own behavior is misguided and use religion as an explanation for there own shortcomings.

    The only person real or mystical that controls you is YOU.

    Politicians use religion as a propaganda, brainwashing and control mechanism to keep the tribe on the reservation.

    Bush is a good example of a swell religious person? Come on boys and girls wake up, be brave, think for yourself. religion is a way to lead you around on a string. Thank You

    Now if some people want to believe and go to church, fine and dandy, but to mix religion with politics and to think some church person can spread morality, that is a joke. I would make a comment about allowing children within 500 ft of a church without grownup supervision but i think many already know to keep children away from most men of the cloth. ....So, i will not say anything about that..,......Thks again.
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