Why won't gay people accept democracy ?

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  1. I didn't see any white racists riot after Obama's win ?
    So prop 8 passed, a MAJORITY of the people approved it, democratically . Get over it, Gays
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    Because they are gay. It's in their nature to act like fuckn women.
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    If you think people will sit idly by after their rights have been taken away, you are as stupid as you claim all the other chatters here in most of your nettling postings.

    Your bravery from behind your computer is cyberspace is quite commedable. Let's see you stading in front of people's faces and call them f$#%.
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  5. Man, I'm really starting to get pissed off at gay people. The people have spoken, it's not a civil rights issue....watch as this thing backfires on them
  6. rights taken away ? and WHICH ONE WOULD THAT BE ? The right not to take it in the ASS ? Nobody is stopping them from licking each other's bungholes, alright
  7. If you think people will sit idly by after their rights have been taken away


    It wasn't a right it was a law and the law changed. We are a nation of laws.
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    It most certainly was a right, as ruled by California's supreme court. The court ruled that the constitution confers the same rights on same sex couples as it does heterosexual couples.

    No law has been changed. The constitution has been amended to give a definition to marriage and take away the rights that same sex couples had to marry.
  9. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. This is what the right has been bitching about legislating from the bitch. It's not up to a Judge what's a right or not, esp. when it gets them in conflict with the will of the people.
    DEMO in DEMOcracy stands for the people, and the people decided not to grant "marriage" to gay couples.
    Marriage is not a right, it's a heterosexual institution. Gay coules are free to mingle, work, fuck, and engage in long term civil unions that grant them all the legal rights associated with marriage, yet they insist that their union be called "marriage." This is ehat's beyond me, I've been stuck so many times in traffic while these bozos celebrate their "pride"...and yet they're "fighting" to have the right to emulate a heterosexual union.
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