Why Women’s Retirement Under Threat

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    Studies have showed that on average women have retired from the workforce with half the superannuation as men. This poses a seriously problem for women in today’s society living well into their 80’s and 90’s. In today’s culture with earlier retirement and divorce, women are finding that they cannot rely on their significant other to support them in retirement as they once did in the past.

    The main reasons for this issue are:
    • The interruptions to their working life caused by childbearing, raising of children and also taking care of the elderly such as their parents.
    • Women when working full time make on average about 89% of male full time earnings.
    • Women tend to work in lower paid and lower rank positions.
    • Women tend to work in part time positions. 45% of females in the workforce worked part time. In contrast only 14% of males were working part time. Therefore on average women worked only 28 hours a week compared to 39 hours a week for men.

    All these factors combined results in on average women working for only 20 years (full time equivalent) compared to 38 years for men. To overcome this problem there needs to be greater education on the subject which needs to be taught in early life to make aware of the difficulties that women may face in retirement. It should include how to make the best of the tools and aid provided by the government ranging from co-contributions, salary sacrificing tax breaks to claiming lost superannuation.

    Please feel free to comment.

    N.B. all figures are Australian statistics.

    Aalok Galappatti
  2. So you want to give them an easy way out, without them actually having earned it? F that, let them rot and eat cat food.
  3. Piss on them. They have more then half the money and all the pussy.

    If they didn't nag there husbands to an early grave they wouldn'd have to be alone. Plus they spend every fucking nickel they can get their hands on "out during errands".

    They need to learn how to save money and work harder.

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    Some of us actually work full-time and make more than our spouses.....
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    I feel sorry for women. They have it so hard!!
  7. They left out the main reason -

    Tell them to stop shopping. Spending money on unnecessary stuff to make them feel good seems to be a big part of the problem AFAIK.
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  10. The reasons for that should be obvious, shorter working life, more casual/part time etc.

    But given those are australian stats, consider super is taxed on the way in, taxed on capital growth/interest, and god forbid you might need it before 65, bang, your slugged, hard.

    All this, to supposedly "encourage saving", and reduce long term debt load for age pensions.

    In reality, it just provides a massive rolling cash cow for government to play with its figures, charging you what amounts to an obscene tarriff to graciously "let" you save for retirement.

    Encourage saving............pfffft.
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