why women make less than men (deservedly so)

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  1. 1. women get their degrees in music, history or accounting. most of those majors will lead to a career as a customer rep or maybe a real estate agent. among the marketable skills like accounting or teaching, there's too much competition among women for the available jobs.

    2. women only want to work nice, clean jobs in air-conditioned buildings. they don't want to be a coal miner, carpenter, auto mechanic. this reduces the number of potential careers. again, too many women fighting for jobs as real estate agents and teachers.

    3. men are qualified for more types of jobs. men can work as real estate agents or school teachers if they wanted to, but few women can be furniture movers or firefighters due to physical demands.

    4. women are not aggressive in the work place and are too concerned with others liking them, thus limiting their promotion opportunities. i wish i had a dime for each time one of my female friends nagged on the phone about how she hates a co-worker or boss, but then does nothing about it. one of my friends always complains about a male co-worker getting her to do his work yet she grudgingly accepts it every time. do you think she'll ever be promoted?
  2. If they routinely made much more than men, what do you think would happen?

    Who do you think, would send the other partner off to work at the end of a whip, while they sat around drinking beer and watching football?

    Think about it; men have managed, to have women do almost all their manual labour for eons, while men went out hunting or fishing.
    That sounds like a good balance, overall.:)

    that was a joke, for the 2 or 3 female posters here
  3. ElCubano


    I'd be a soccer dad....oh I am already...:p
  4. Yeah, but men don't get to cross their legs and flash tang.

    That's got to be worth something
  5. Men did not want to slave in front of a hot stove in a hot kitchen or scrub a floor by hand, for many years. Your point?
    Or change the diapers of 3 screaming kids all day back when there were no disaposable diapers, and then wash them and the clothes by hand.