Why Women Can't Be Bosses

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Kicking, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Funny u should post this topic, which is good one.

    I am an admitted chauvinist, as defined by NOW, which is any man who recognizes any biological differences related to cognitive and emotional performance in any woman.

    Here's a controversial statement. A lot of traders here have feminine qualities, and that is why they cannot succeed.

    They cannot follow a plan without emotional intervention.

    They will sacrifice logic if it goes against what they, "feel". IOW, they go directly against their plan of attack, cause they "feel" the market is going to go in the direction of their trade.

    They get angry and revenge trade.

    They hold truly petty and ongoing squabbles.

    It is very easy to spot the traders here who struggle, they almost always have consistent traits of a woman untrained in emotional control.
  2. There's nothing like getting a blow job from a superior officer so I say make them all bosses.
  3. Is this what you mean?

  4. I have had a number of male and female bosses, and consider the concept that either gender is incapable of being a manager/supervisor as retarded. I have had good and bad from each.

    In fact, mostly anonymous articles or forum posts, that a person would be unlikely to say to a person's face are an act of being a coward, not a "good point."