Why Will Stocks Not Sit Down? Stay Tuned

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Point Man, May 15, 2003.

  1. I have been in the futures industry for 25 years. I currently work at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Many traders like to pick my brain and/or share their thoughts with me. A friend and colleague presented me with an interesting scenario today with regards to the strength on Wall Street. With an 8 pm Little League baseball game tonight, my son will come first. Keep your eyes open this weekend for my thread, ONE POSSIBLE REASON FOR THE STRENGTH ON WALL STREET.

    Remember, the last 3 hours of trade on Friday are the final 3 hours of trade for the week worldwide. 2/3 of the players are either sleeping or enjoying wine over dinner. Out of the remaining 1/3, half of them have started their weekend early. The last 3 hours are hardest trade of the week. Leave this time for the ADDICTS. Do not give them your hard earned money.
  2. possibly because the fed has created so much money that there is enough liquidity to take up both stocks and bonds at the same time.
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    You ain't kidden', we are feaken' awash with cash. I'm starting to think the fed is printing money solely to stave off deflation. I thought I was fairly good at econ, but when I think about deflation, my mind just wonders in circles :confused: