Why Wi-Fi must be password protected

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  2. I know when I look at the wifi signals available when at home I see 4 signals. One is ours and the others are the neighbors. One of those isn't encypted, and for the heck of it I told my cell phone to acquire and it did with no problem. I signed off immediately, but was amazed how easy it was, and the signal was as strong as ours.
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    sounds like Big Brother
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    the left forces us to pay for health insurance and now the right is forcing people to secure their wi fi by their illegal law enforcement actions. Perhaps when they saw the wifi connection was open they should have done a little more work before trampling on this guys rights.

    this is unbelievable.
    I feel like there needs to be a pro constitution party and candidate.
  5. Wi fi without password can allow ANY person to eavesdropped your communications, read your email, messages, know what you are going, know your favorite p*rn sites, know your affair, access your computer remotely, etc.

    Do you really want someone to know that?

    Its why if its encrypted with password, those eavesdropping guys will simply face palm themselves to death unless they know how to break the encryption.
  6. The real danger is what they showed on msnbc a few days ago. A guy at home with his wife and kids suddenly have their house invaded by a swarm of cops. They accused the hubby of downloading child porn. Turns out the couple had NOT password protected their wifi router and their neighbor was using their connection to download the child porn...over 3 hrs of video and over 50k images !!
  7. When the cops screw up like this they should compensate the victim of their carelessness - every time. Too often an innocent citizen is harmed by police negligence and released without so much as an apology.
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    I am so in agreement with your post! Let's all work on ending police abuse. It's out of control.
  9. Cops don't care. Compensation comes out of your taxes and not out of their pay check. It is the taxpayers who pays for everything.
  10. True. We pay for police incompetence. However, if the victim of police carelessness is compensated and the taxpayer suffers eventually police incompetence will become a political issue and will/may be addressed.

    No guarantee but we have to start somewhere.
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