Why Western women typically don't age well?

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  1. Any idea? Everything starts to go downhill after 30...
  2. Lol, thats asking for trouble.
    But if you want the lowdown, why not ask a woman in that age bracket?
    Your guaranteed to get a definitive, possibly emphatic answer:D
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  4. Not even 30.... by their late 20's the party's already over. I think it's genetic not environmental because you see some foreign-born women in their 30s in the US who still look decent.
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    What is the standard for aging, by the way, just for comparison purposes? Like this?:


    She is Mexican so I am not sure she would be counted as Western woman..
  6. I mean caucasian/white chicks specifically.
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    "Downhill after 30." Guffaw!

    Grow the fuck up.

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    OK, have you ever looked at aging East European women? They age much worse than Western women.
    Again, you have to compare a few different ethnic, geographical, social groups to make such a claim.
  9. Women and accelerated aging: Cigarettes add 10 years. Alcohol 5 years. Add a poor diet and most of all a poor attitude toward men!
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