Why we will rally again today.

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  1. BoE cut rates 1/4% ie more cheap money into the system.
  2. My god we didnt go up today, im ruined. Oh why why why. Please congress bail me out, ive been duped!
  3. Perseus


    why we went down today: because we did not go up.
  4. Thanks Yogi :)
  5. buy the rumor, SELL the news------- interest rate cut confirms weakness in the sagging european economy, thus european market had their second day of selling yesterday.
  6. As a statement of probability , not a prediction ,you are right;
    not kidding ,
    INTC went up about $00.07 today.

    At the end of the day[reg market hours] looks like mostly selling;

    :cool: yes it still a bull market you know,
    INTC/related tends to be highly liquid,as far as entering long perhaps again sometime.
  7. Now Bonds are being manipulated up to offset the out of control oil price.

    this is sick and will only end very badly for the US.
  8. you are absolutely correct imo

    Just wait till Sir Greenprint steps down and has his plaque up on the wall of fame and its game over for US markets imo
  9. When you say bond prices are being manipulated up, you mean yields, right?
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    No I don' t think that is what he meant, yields are abnormally low given the surge in oil and also the news of the reintroduction of the long bond.
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