Why We Should Never Compromise On Gun Rights

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  1. UsualName


    Heroine use has skyrocketed with the increase in prescribed opioids.

    I have a question, is the answer to the drug problem more drugs?

    If we use the NRA logic we should give every law adibing citizen heroine.
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  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Whereas heroes are on the decline.
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  3. The NRA is a membership group and its views represent the views of its members, unlike say the AARP whose far left views are in direct conflict with the views and interests of most of its members. When you say the NRA is evil, you are actually demonizing much of the country. People who are law-abiding, responsible and patriotic, three things that set them apart from much of the democrat base.

    What is evil is people like you wanting to deprive ordinary citizens of their natural right to defend their homes and families. We have numerous examples around the world of how that turns out.
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  4. False analogy. There is no constitutional right to heroin, although the Ninth Circuit may well invent one any day now. No one is talking about banning legal drugs either. In fact, many thoughtful people think the whole war on drugs mindset is more of a problem than the drugs themselves.
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  5. UsualName


    If you associate truly with the all of the views and politics of the NRA then you may be evil too. I believe most nra members are willfully blind to the nra agenda and ignore that the nra is responsible for blocking legislation preventing the loopholes that allow for guns to go from legal to illegal.

    They are a truly evil organization with lots of blood on their hands.
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  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    This is why you can't have a proper discussion/debate/argument with these folks, AAA. They have such an extreme view and are so woefully uneducated on the topic that all you're doing is trying to counter such massively hyperbolic statements that have no basis in reality.
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    And that’s crazy thinking. It’s all about numbers.

    Let me ask you a question, why do you think soldiers and the police have such high suicide rates, and what do they use to commit suicide?
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  8. Poindexter


    No, you're the moron because you don't even know what an "assault rifle" is, and yet you call for banning them anyway. Assault rifles (like M16s) have selective fire capability and are military weapons. You probably meant "assault weapons" (like AR-15s) which do not have selective fire capability and are not military weapons.

    Take an M16 and remove only the auto or burst capability, leaving everything else in place. The remaining "military" features and attributes that make it more suitable for combat than the Ruger Mini-14 are of no benefit whatsoever to a school shooter. And they are things like: the flash suppressor, bayonet lug, ability to mount a 40 mm grenade-launcher and superior durability, reliability and maintainability under harsh conditions.

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  9. traderob


    they keep bringing up Australia. There the government basically sent the jackboots in and took them at gunpoint.

    USA still values the individual freedoms.
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  10. Poindexter


    That's why we can't give an inch. Because their goal is confiscation. And they'll stop at nothing to achieve that end; they'll even use children.

    Interesting how shitlibs think that abortion and Obamacare are "settled" law and can't be changed, but the Second Amendment -- which is actually ABOVE the law -- is not "settled" and should be trashed, just because naive kids they've brainwashed say so.
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