Why We Should Never Compromise On Gun Rights

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Mar 26, 2018.

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    Tsing Tao

    There are several flaws in your post you continue to ignore.

    First, the argument about how other countries have done it. No other country has the amount of firearms in circulation - both legally and illegally that the US has. Not. Even. Close. This is an important distinction in the idea that you can limit the problem by controlling the future number of firearms in production. That horse has left the barn long ago.

    Second, your argument that you can reduce the probability of future events by restricting firearms. Can you reduce this probability by some statistical amount? Sure. However, the issue is at what cost? If you tell me you can reduce the amount of car accident fatalities in this country by half by eliminating all travel and forcing everyone to stay at home and cyber commute everywhere, then I (and many, many others) would tell you that the restriction on our liberty is not worth the added "safety".

    It all comes down to that. If you restrict the purchase of handguns (as an example), the small improvement you will see with handgun crime (and it will be very, very small because the crime is committed by those who already illegally own handguns) is not worth the restriction to the vast majority of citizens who legally own and legally use these handguns.
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    Tsing Tao

    Look, not all of us are into sexual things with farm animals or our brothers like you are.

    Since you are unable to provide a solution to removing guns from the local MS13 gang, I am against you taking mine away. It's really that simple. And since I haven't committed any violations of the law, and they have, it shows you aren't really interested in reducing violence, but going after my guns.
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  5. Well FC... come take our guns.

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    Tsing Tao

    The only way futurecurrents will ever go to Alabama is if there is an HVAC unit there he needs to repair.
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  7. What is wrong with it is the anti-gun zealots will never agree to it. Why should they? They are getting the age thing already. The local red tape stuff is already in place in most liberal jurisdictions.

    1) Isn't it ironic that liberals want to allow ignorant grandstanding high school students to set policy on an important Constitutional issue but regard them as too immature to buy a firearm?

    Polls show many young people have little understanding or regard for the First Amendment either. Is that next on the chopping block? Should journalists have to pass a background check and be licensed?

    This is a big country. I can see why people don't want 18 year olds on the south side of Chicago being able to buy guns. Should that also apply to farm kids who grew up handling firearms responsibly?

    2) The reason this is a bad idea is that my constitutional rights do not depend on the whims of some government employee. These onerous requirements are mainly meant to make buying a gun so inconvenient and time-consuming that people will not go through the hassle. NYC used to have a policy that you had to demonstrate a good reason to buy a gun. In practice that meant the well-connected got guns and ordinary people didn't. Liberals are cool with that, in the same way they are cool with telling us we can't have guns while they hire armed private security.
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    Careful TT.
    Logic is like Kyrptonite to liberals.
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    Guys, it’s all about the numbers. We consume the most prescribed opioids in the world so we have an illegal drug problem. We also own the most guns in the world so we have an illegal gun problem.

    There’s no way to get the gun violence or the drug use problem down without lessening the total numbers of each.

    You can make any law you want but the pills and the guns start out legally. There are no underground gun factories and those pills are pumped by Fortune 500 companies. They are flooding the market without any care of how many pills or guns fall into the wrong hands.

    Now people are afraid of how many guns are just floating around illegally so they want more guns and that just leads to more guns floating around illegally.

    There’s so many guns, we are considering arming elementary school teachers. Kids are shooting themselves on lunch break. It’s a stupid cycle being propelled by an evil organization- the NRA. And they are truly evil.

    Anyway, this is all on Republican voters and politicians. Some very small steps were taken recently and should be supported. We are now allowed to study gun violence and Trump banned an accessory to turn semi automatic into fully automatic. That’s good.

    Baby steps count.
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  10. Most of the illegal drugs are smuggled in from mexico. The truly evil people are the people who want to keep that border open for political purposes.
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