Why We Should Never Compromise On Gun Rights

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  3. Really? I think the "gun grabbers" are the ones who won't let go.

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    Good questions. An here is another. Whats wrong with banning sale of assault riffles and bump stock modification? Not needed for recreational shooting or hunting (in fact its unsportsmanlike to hunt with an assault riffle) AND assault riffles are not needed for self defense. (Unless you are trying to defend yourself against a platoon.)

    The Kids are making sound, good sense. Making adults look like morons.
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    It's actually not valid. What is at issue is probability. You want to reduce the probability of a bunch of people being mowed down by a hail of bullets. You can't reach zero probability but you can easily reduce the probability significantly without stepping on anyone's second amendment rights. All of those arguments based on anecdote are meaningless. The only thing that matters is probability of being killed by a criminal with a gun. Have you increased it or have you decreased it? And you have the constraint of the Second Amendment that must be accommodated. This is not rocket science. The other developed countries have been able to figure it out. I'm sure Americans are smart enough to do it too. But let's be honest, the average trader may not be smart enough!
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  10. There has never been a liberal (or conservative for that matter) that can show how any gun control law stops a crazy person from getting a gun. I've said it a thousand times - there are too many guns on the street - both legal and illegal.

    Yes, getting guns illegally from the local MS13 gang is just as easy as going to Wallmart to buy one.

    What do you use for a brain? Did you catch a brain eating worm from boffing those sheep? Just stop.
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