Why We Should Never Compromise On Gun Rights

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  1. Weak-willed pols like Florida governor and future senate candidate Rick Scot and House Speaker Paul Ryan were quick to surrender to anti-gun activists in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Their argument was they didn't give up much, so everybody please calm down.

    Here is an example of why you can't concede any ground. Our favorite congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She was last heard from when she was rigging the primaries for Hillary and trying to cover up the scandal involving her Pakistani IT staffers. Now she has another "commons sense gun control measure." She is introducing a bill to require background checks for ammo purchases. Can you imagine having to go through the red tape every time you need some ammo? And now there is a three day waiting period. http://www.breitbart.com/video/2018...equiring-background-checks-ammunition-buyers/

    Surrounded by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Wasserman Schultz said, “Unlike firearm purchases, someone who wants to go into a store that sells ammunition can buy as much ammunition as they want without so much as being asked their first name.”

    She added, “This is just such a gaping and grave and dangerous loophole that I could not wrap my mind around it when I was told that that was the case.” <<
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  2. I understand the concept of strategic compromises. Why are gun rights supporters always on the giving end of every compromise though? It looks a lot like surrendering by small steps. Then when the democrats get control of the congress, the steps will get a lot bigger. Who knows what Trump will do?

    Never forget their only goal is total confiscation of firearms.
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    Our best friend, Mr. AR15.
  4. Our other best friend, Herr Glock 17.

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  6. Looks like Michael Moore -- the epitome of insanity.
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    2 Serious Questions:

    1) Why would you oppose 21 being the minimum age to buy guns?
    2) What is wrong with back ground check similar to NYC? (submit application, if all checks out you go in front of officer for interview and then get you permit)

    My opinion is to allow these 2 and in return get concealed carry across all 50 states (I know it is just a dream, but a good one to have).

    What is wrong with this compromise?
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    On the flip side, when Democrats get back on power gun sales will pick up, not sure if you noticed but Remington filed for Chapter 11, and guns sales are dismal under Trump.
  9. "Why We Should Never Compromise On Gun Rights"

    Population control?
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    and those would have stopped the Las Vegas shooting and the last school shooting, right?
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