Why we must execute Gaddafi

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cohen2011, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. 1) He hates Israel
    2) He has given too many oil deals to Russia and China, too few to USA and none to Israel
    3) If he had WMDs such as nukes, he would use them on us

    The best way to execute Gaddafi is through the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons across non-oil Libya. This way, we get to execute a bunch of Israel-hating terrorists too. Collateral damage will be minimal, since most Libyans hate Israel.

    USA must press the button, once Israel gives it the go ahead. We should give Libyans the possibility to evacuate its children and women to Africa (perhaps a 2 day headstart). Libyans who stay put clearly hate us and want to fight, so we should let them use their handguns against our nukes.

    Whatever happens, Gaddafi and his evil sons are soon to die. They will pay the price for not giving us the juicey oil deals.
  2. None of those, its for the haircut.

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  4. I am extremely happy that we are bombing the muslim terrorists in Libya.

    These Libyan muslim terrorists hate Israel and deserve to bombed into the stone age. Once we've flattened Libya, we need to flatten the Iranian terror country.

    America needs to step up to the plate and not let the French cheese-eating surrender monkeys run this show. The Jewish lobby in the USA must and will force the USA to take the leading role in the killing of Libyan muslim terrorists. The French hate Israel and so must therefore not be allowed to run this show.

    Libya is African muslim, but so was Obama's dad, so this is maybe why Obama does not want to take a leading role against his fellow religionists.

    God bless Israel.