Why we illegally went to war with Iraq

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  1. The reason that's now being offered is that one single Arab told one single lie, and "our" nation went to war.

    Too bad we can't have a trial where investigation and defense statements might bring out any truth, because he is under protection of the German Government:


    How can this one person be the only responsible party? What about the “Yellow Cake” lie about the Iraqi Nuke program? What about the al Qaida lie about the terrorist connection?

    The group of persons who conspired together to present false evidence to the Congress of the United States, and to the Citizens of the United States committed the most grievous Crime Against Humanity that has been committed in my lifetime. Where is the investigation? Where are the arrests? Where are the trials? Where are the mass murders brought before Justice and convicted?

    (Three more likely reasons.

    1- To neutralize any threat to Israel.

    2- To secure an oil supply from the Chinese.

    3- To prevent Saddam Hussein from dumping the US dollar and using the Euro for oil purchases. He was already in the process of implementing this when the country was invaded. The other oil producing nations would have followed.)
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    Since when have you been an expert in international waw?