why we can not use a free e-mail account?

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    Why we can no longer use free e-mail account in Elite profile? I like my hotmail account which is permanent account for me. With paid e-mail account I have to change it whenever I stop the service.

  2. nitro


    Because there are a lot of imbiciles that keep getting new handles with the purpose of doing nothing but disrupting the flow of ideas on ET.

    By having only honest to goodness e-mail adress that you have to give your name and address to, the maggots are less likely to play these games as they can be TRACKED by simple software. This way Baron can barr the same user from the same IP if the user abuses his priviledges on ET.

  3. zxcv1fu


    So my old free e-mail account is granpaed? I do not want a paid/subscribed e-mail account even I can. I can not use Outlook to read it.

    Unfortunately there are always going to be some abusers in message boards. Not sure the e-mail account restriction is the most effective way to prevent the problem. It is inconvinient for good members. Besides the activity monitoring, there should be a "report abuse" button like Yahoo messages.
  4. It's not inconvenient - everyone should have an email address assigned by their ISP. Lots of sites have started blocking free email addresses because of abuses. People who really like to use a free email address for everything can just forward their ISP assigned mail box to the free address.
  5. I don't know what you're referring to. Both your ISP email account and hotmail account will work in Outlook Express, which comes with IEx.x & up. And both accounts will be accessed one after the other when a "check for mail" request is invoked automatically or manually.


    I've been using my Hotmail account for almost 6 years when I got rid of a local ISP and wanted to be able to check email from anywhere in the US. If one is travelling it doesn't make sense to have to dial a long distance number to access email. But I also can understand the abuse of email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. About the only thing I use my Earthlink email account for is ET.
  7. You can generally, send, receive, store, etc. any ISP email account through the ISP's or third party "web mail" site.
  8. DHOHHI - I've got Earthlink specifically for when I travel - I can access it pretty much anywhere in the US with a local phone number and can access multiple email mail boxes using Outlook without any problem.

    If you're into using "internet cafes" or kiosks while traveling instead of using your own portable computer and dialup (or the high speed access now offered in a lot of hotels), you can still access accounts via webmail. Isn't there some way to consolidate other email access via Hotmail too (i.e., access your ISP's POP3 email server via Hotmail)?


    My original post wasn't 100% clear I guess. I meant in the "old days", when using a "local" ISP (at the time I lived in Michigan), if you travelled out of your local area it would have required dialing in long distance. I agree lots of progress has been made and that with Earthlink, AOl, etc. you can access email from pretty much anywhere.
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    For those that need to read their email while on the road, I suggest you ask your ISP about IMAP or other similar protocols. Reading e-mail on the road has nothing to do with anything of what you guys are talking about, even if you use Outlook,etc. I have set up my e-mail server so that I can POP it with Outlook when I am using my computer, or just use a browser [IMAP] to read my e-mail when I am away from my computer.

    If you ask your ISP about IMAP, they know what you are asking about and they will let you know if they support it or not.

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