Why we are in a Bull Market

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Are we in a bull market?

  1. Agree, this is a bull market, I am Net long

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  2. Agree, the market was pitching like Roger Clemens for a while, now its more of a tee ball game

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  3. This market is going to tank, don't get too excited

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  4. I could care less, my strategy doesn't have a market bias

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  5. Picking the market direction is a coin flip, read Fooled by Randomness, its all luck

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  6. Let these foolish shorts and weak longs stay on the sidelines, they won't admit to this bull market

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  7. Obviously the market has topped, it goes lower from here

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  8. Agree, I am massive long, good points

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  1. 1. Market has been in a solid uptrend in the face of (A) higher oil and (B) higher rates. Any fall back in oil, rates, or both, the brakes or gloves are taken off and this market takes off further at rapid speed. London terrorist attacks couldn't even take the market down.

    2. Recent M&A activity, uptrend

    3. IPO market picking up (Bidu, new IPO's this week)

    4. Marketing initiaves by brokers shows signs of growth, traders and investors slowly coming back in.

    5. Hedge fund growth, hedge funds are now playing the part of VC's during the boom, investing in companies, buying debt, etc.

    6. China and India growth fueling international commerce and technology.

    7. Strong Job growth

    8. Solid Earnings Growth

    9. Rates are coming to an end

    10. Terrorism fears are priced in and market has shown weak sensitivity to terror. (London)

    11. Technical Picture is Bullish
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    I suppose you mean in the poll:
    I could NOT care less, my strategy doesn't have a market bias :)
  3. Because the market is going up seems reason enough to me.

    OTOH-if you are looking for a logical explanation, there are the usual suspects you could point to to prove the markets rise is consistent with underlying fundamentals or by selecting other macro factors show it is not consistent.

    If you agree with the rise, there is a low interest rate environment, growing earnings, increasing GDP and productivity good consumer confidence, a weak dollar, Republicans in charge, etc.

    If you disagree, you could point to the Fed's unrelenting march to increase interest rates, high oil prices, political uncertainity and the threat of terrorists, sky high current account deficit, a weak dollar, a housing bubble, Republicans in charge, etc.

  4. Did anyone read the insane ramblings in the poll? Jeez man, take it slow.
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    thats for sure
  7. Are you aware that envy and taking your P&L weakness out on others are trader sins? Keep the "flaming" coming. LOL
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    Hmm...a bit of a sentiment gauge just by virtue of threads like this popping up.
  10. I love bull market 100% up room to go moves$$
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