Why was zz other aliases banned?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gunslinger, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. I have been here since '04 and have only known him as zz. From what I understand he has been banned in the past under different names.

    For those of us not in the know, why were they banned, or is zz previous aliases just an ET urban legend?
  2. Some of it's other aliases...


    It surfs the net 18 hours a day blaming all the worlds problems on G.W. Bush.

    It is a deranged lunatic.

    Ignore it.
  3. Definitely not urban legend. RM or hap might know why it was banned. I asked it once or twice but it must have missed those posts, because it never responded :)
  4. Perhaps the better, and more incisive, question to ask is why he has not been banned again, since his conduct is no different than it was when he was banned in the first place, and the second place, and so on...
  5. Zzz and previous aliases are the reason ET has a P&R forum today.
  6. this is largely true chuck because his broad interests include politics and religion,

    "Z" HIMSELF has never been banned but 2 of his previous i-net persona's were, i recall. there is a diff you know
  7. So his past aliases have gotten banned, but why I ask, why?
  8. handles get banned for lots of reasons.. a mod can ban you just because he's gotten greased all day, for instance, he's got a sore azz and then you, unfortunately, rubbed him wrong way. so he takes it out on you. happens all the time. the casting out of souls is not completely objective or as fair as you might like to believe but what is when human emotion is involved? :)
  9. Because he was an insufferable asshole and a malignant tumor, much as he is now.
  10. you can't know this because you didn't ban them. :)
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