why was thread about Japanese Water car deleted ????

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gulp, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. gulp


    more than 1400 views, many posts
    why was it deleted from economy forum

    this thread was not racist, there wasn't any more bickering than usual
    there was discussion about physics, politics and money

    Why the deletion ??
  2. gulp


  3. Here's how ET basically works.

    You see a nonsense thread...you must click on the complain button to get the moderators attention because they don't see nor read every thread posted at ET (there's too many threads in ratio to the number of moderators).

    Simply, someone or many individuals complained about your thread while nobody has complained about the thread you saw as being nonsense.

    In addition, be aware that if the section has no moderator (some don't)...it will take longer to get the attention of ET management to take a look at it.

    In that case, that's when you can use the feedback section here to catch their attention much faster.

    To see whom are the moderators of the HookUp section in that thread you called nonsense...

    Click on the below link to see whom are designated in the upper right corner and if there's no names there...there's no moderators and that's why the thread still exist.


    In comparison, take a look at the Trading section...


    You can see a list of moderators in the upper right corner.

    Last of all, is it possible a moderator moved your thread to another section instead of deleting it ?

  4. Some mods are good, some randomly delete things they don't agree with. They are cendors rather than mods.

    I made a detailed post the other day and it was deleted. It was nothing different than a lot of the other stuff normally here.
  5. Maybe they are trying to filter out crap, in order to keep quality people from quitting ET..... just a thought
  6. update


    LOL I sincerely for your sake hope you don't actually believe what you wrote

    LOL :p
  7. Lucrum


    Maybe it sank due to insufficient flotation.

  8. Maybe you should do some high school physics and you will realize how bullshit the "water powered car" concept is.
  9. maybe you should learn a tad bit about big OIL and how they run the world and put targets on maps, as well as buy out good ideas and lock em up