why was this moved to "chit chat" while the other ones were not ?

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    compare these 2 posts, which one would you want to keep?

    'wow just like clockwork, last transfer of money for the rally here folks.'

    I've attached a chart of the "Initiated Selling" that took place at the lower high of 885.75

    Would you have been able to make your trade decision just by watching this chart realtime, or is there another piece to the puzzle that you would be looking at for verification?

    Also, by looking at this chart, at what point would you have determined that actual "initiated selling" was taking place? Where would you have entered your short trade?

    How did you determine that the short inventory pocket was between 883's and 885's?

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  2. The second post was just as much crap as the first. The third had some thought and analysis put behind it.

    Thus far, everything you have posted has been in the first category. Whether that remains the case going forward is up to you.